JBT Corporation, a global technology solutions provider to the food & beverage industry, has announced its COVID-19 response plan for the JBT Protein North America division.

“We understand that the continued operations of our food suppliers are more critical than ever during a growing pandemic event,” says Ernie Lauber, president of JBT Protein North America. “We want to reinforce to our customers and to our communities that JBT is doing everything we can to support the protein supply chain.”

Customer-facing impacts
JBT Protein North America remains focused on the needs of its customers and is making every effort to deliver and support JBT products to the extent that it is legally permitted and safe to do so. The group is also in close communication with supply chain partners to address any potential shortages or delivery delays of key components and supplies.

  • JBT is open for business –offices remain open and staff is supporting all operational functions, ready to serve customers.
  • Expanded warehouse hours – JBT has temporarily extended warehouse hours to better serve customers’ changing operational needs. Effective immediately, JBT parts distribution centers will be open from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. EST.
  • Parts availability – JBT is anticipating higher demand for spare parts and supplies and is preparing to meet those additional needs. However, because the company cannot predict possible supply shortages on spare parts, JBT is encouraging customers to proactively manage their stock accordingly.
  • Parts orders – JBT has temporarily extended support hours for its customer service team to ensure customers can continue to order critical parts and supplies to maintain their operations. Effective immediately, customer service will be available from 8 a.m.- 8 p.m. EST at 1-800-408-7788 (DSI, Stein & Freezers), at 1-845-340-9727 (Wolf-Tec & Novus), and at 1-888-890-3433 (C.A.T.) or Naparts@jbtc.com to handle orders and questions. JBT is encouraging clients to plan for potential delivery delays by ordering parts sooner rather than later to maximize their operations.
  • On-site field technician support – JBT has adjusted its field support model to accommodate changing global travel restrictions. To ensure that consistent on-site support is available to customers, the company has eliminated air travel for 85% of its technicians and has confirmed ground travel alternatives within a 10-12 hour driving distance. JBT has also relocated 5% of its technicians to the West Coast to handle regional needs there.
  • Remote technical support – in the event that a JBT technician is unable to access customer offices due to local or facility-mandated restrictions, the company has established a new Tech Support Hotline that allows technicians to offer remote support to local maintenance staff.

Employee and community safety efforts
JBT Protein North America is observing U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local government recommended protocols around personnel travel, self-quarantines and managing access to its facilities in order to support worldwide efforts to contain this virus. It is communicating frequently with employees to provide guidance on what they can do to minimize their risk of infection, how to recognize symptoms of an infection, and what to do if they suspect they may be infected.

  • Social distancing – the company is practicing social distancing in the workplace across all locations to reduce the chance of virus transmission. JBT has also implemented staggered work shifts and remote work schedules to reduce high concentrations of employees at its facilities.
  • Limiting travel – JBT has halted all non-essential travel and is continually monitoring exception-based essential travel activities.
  • Elevated sanitation measures – the company has increased cleaning and sanitation activities at all locations and has added hand-sanitizing stations in common areas.
  • Quarantine monitoring – JBT is actively monitoring for anyone who is ill or who may have been at increased risk of exposure to the virus.
  • Ongoing situation management – the company has activated its cross-functional Crisis Management Team, which is empowered to make proactive decisions to steer JBT through situations like COVID-19.

“We’d like to thank our customers for their continued support as we all navigate through the challenges of doing business together in a pandemic environment,” says Augusto Rizzolo. VP of Customer Care for JBT Protein North America. “We also want our customers to know that we’re committed to their continued success – and to the safety of our employees and communities.”