Palmer Wahl Instruments Inc. announces the release of a new liquid crystal forehead thermometer for fever testing. Part of its Fever Alert line of products, this new forehead thermometer can be used as a part of the workplace fever detection process designed to reduce the risk employees and customers face from COVID-19.

Fever Alert Forehead Thermometers are reusable up to five times for one person, and are safely disposable after use. Use the same thermometer to check an individual’s temperature multiple times a day, or throughout the week. Thermometers are dual scale, marked in both °F and °C and can be read at a safe social distance. Color change in each liquid crystal temperature spot indicates the body temperature of the user. A green dot means the indicated temperature has been reached, while a blue dot means the user should add 1°F to the marked temperature, and a tan dot indicates 1°F should be deducted from the marked temperature for an accurate reading.

Handheld infrared spot thermometers and Fever Alert Thermal Imaging systems are used for workforce and mass temperature screening measures. These devices indicate persons with an elevated skin temperature that should be medically evaluated for possible fever. As a FDA Class II Medical Device; Class I medical device in accordance with EU 2017/745, Fever Alert Forehead Thermometers are excellent for confirming fever.

Fever Alert forehead thermometers are backed with medical grade adhesive and appropriate for children and adults. Simply hold the thermometer to your dry forehead with two fingers for 15 seconds. When the color change is complete, the thermometer’s continuous display reveals the results to determine if the individual has a fever. As the CDC cites fevers as a primary symptom for those infected with Coronavirus, finding those with elevated temperatures and requiring them to self-isolate may offer additional protection for the health and well-being of other employees or customers.

Affordable and easy-to-use, Wahl Fever Alert Forehead Thermometers are sold in packages of 10, 20, or 100 labels. Bulk packaging options are available for purchases of up to 5,000 labels at a time. A QR code is conveniently printed on each label so instructions for use are always at hand.

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