Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. the beef and pork subsidiary of Tyson Foods Inc., is kicking off 60th anniversary celebrations for its hallmark brand.

Originally founded in 1960 as Iowa Beef Packers, Inc., the company eventually shortened its name to IBP Inc. In 1967, the company revolutionized the industry when it introduced smaller portions of vacuum-packed boxed beef to the market. When IBP entered the pork business in 1982, it quickly grew into the leading commodity beef and pork supplier in the U.S. In 2001, the IBP brand became the foundation of Tyson Foods’ new beef and pork subsidiary, Tyson Fresh Meats.

“We are proud to honor IBP’s 60-year heritage through the IBP Trusted Excellence brand,” says Kent Harrison, vice president of premium programs and marketing at Tyson Fresh Meats. “It’s a privilege to continue its legacy, and we’re grateful for the continued support of our loyal team members and customers who have built this brand with us.”

Longtime employee and Associate Director of Warehousing Randy Saxton agrees. Saxton joined the company in 1983, shortly after IBP’s expansion into pork. “The journey has been incredible. While I could have never anticipated how much the industry would grow and change, our core values have remained the same. We’ve always been driven by an unyielding commitment to take care of our team members and our customers. I think that’s why the ibp Trusted Excellence brand is still a hallmark of the meat industry today.”

Today, the company produces and distributes more than five billion pounds of boxed beef and pork around the world each year. For more information on the ibp Trusted Excellence Brand or Tyson Fresh Meats, visit TysonFreshMeats.com.

Source: Tyson Fresh Meats