MTech Systems, the global leader in protein production software, recently launched a ground-breaking new production planning optimizer (PPO) for meat processers. PPO leverages artificial intelligence models that consider a large volume of variables simultaneously, testing a variety of scenarios in minutes to find the best use of resources to achieve optimal output and reduce waste.

The true power of PPO is in its ability to forecast what-if scenarios to help processors understand how potential input changes may impact the operation daily. For example, what if a plant needs to close due to COVID for a period, or what if a plant wants to add a new piece of equipment to the line? The solution allows producers to see how these variables will impact the plant before they actually make changes.

“The primary goal of this tool is to identify cost savings opportunities while at the same time to help processers deliver as much of their sales demand as is possible.  Spreadsheets won’t get the job done efficiently anymore. We’ve been perfecting this solution for over 8 years. Our new version allows processors to analyze multiple plans at the same time, achieve real-time production sequencing as well as precisely forecast how future production dates will be impacted. Additional features on the horizon include adding more features that allow forecasting and insights across multiple plants simultaneously and also reversing the planning to construct the right live animal profile.” Said Daniel Gustavo PPO-Product Owner at MTech Systems.

According to Statista, meat consumption is forecasted to jump significantly and hit 144.87 million tons by 2029. Recent market changes and daily increases in global meat consumption make it challenging for plants to keep up with the demand. MTech’s new PPO solution uses reinforcement learning(RL) to provide more accurate predictions and forecasting for every function of the processing operation. The tool also helps processors gain full visibility throughout the poultry supply-chain. Having access to this data allows for the optimization of all processes and provides the opportunity for bottlenecks to be identified faster.  

“PPO will be a revolution and will be disruptive for our customers helping them reach the “perfect delivery” for their customers. Artificial Intelligence embedded in PPO will help our customers improve plant efficiency and overall profit that would be out of reach with current planning systems.  I consider adoption of artificial intelligence to be one of the most important changes and improvements that the poultry industry has seen in decades. That is why MTech is investing so much into leveraging AI in modules like PPO.  PPO will virtualize a processing shop-floor delivering a proactive approach to solving the product mix for every day.” Said Simon Cohen Vice President at MTech Systems

MTech will host a webinar on September 23 titled: “How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Meat Processing Yield” In this webinar, we will discuss industry challenges for meat processors and unpack how artificial intelligence technology can help. To learn more about PPO and or register for the webinar please visit: