Information Resources, Inc. (IRI), a fast-growing global technology leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail, and media companies, and Profitero, a global e-commerce intelligence platform, have announced they will be enabling clients to measure and optimize CPG digital shelf presence based on actual item-level sales. This first-of-its-kind solution integrates IRI's industry-leading e-commerce point-of-sale data combined with Profitero’s digital shelf metrics on the IRI Liquid Data platform.  

Over 160 clients have selected IRI to be their omnichannel solution of choice. IRI’s new E-Commerce Growth Platform, powered by Profitero’s digital shelf data, can allow CPG brands to optimize their product detail pages by combining up to 81% of their e-commerce item-level, POS data with item-level digital shelf insights onto a single omnichannel platform. By isolating the digital causal factors influencing e-commerce market share performance—such as stock availability, product content, search position, pricing, and reviews—down to an item level and across IRI’s fully syndicated category coverage, the breakthrough solution can help brands make better decisions, invest more efficiently and capitalize on growth opportunities faster.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Profitero and enhance IRI’s industry-leading omnichannel solutions with the goal of increasing sales, market share and shopper loyalty,” said Sam Gagliardi, executive vice president, global e-commerce, IRI. “This innovative service will deliver tremendously powerful insights that will allow clients to take their performance and sales to the next level. With the most robust item-level view available in the market, clients will be able to upgrade their digital shelf presence to boost growth.”

As an early adopter to this new solution, The Kraft Heinz Company (Kraft Heinz) will use IRI and Profitero’s combined omnichannel insights to help power its AGILE@SCALE transformation. The solution can allow Kraft Heinz to widen its proprietary in-house digital ecosystem, providing a much deeper, granular, and real-time understanding of the consumer path to purchase.

“The omnichannel insights generated by IRI and Profitero are critical to creating a seamless shopping experience for our consumers,” said Sanjiv Gajiwala, chief growth officer for Kraft Heinz North America. “This program enables us to further optimize our digital shelf presence and improve the way we engage with consumers by providing the right message and the right product at the right time across the digital shelf, helping us to drive brand relevance, and, ultimately, deepen consumer loyalty.”

“Profitero was the first to integrate digital shelf and sales metrics for e-commerce, and now we are excited to partner with IRI to make actionable, causal insights accessible for the full scale of omnichannel retail,” said Bryan Wiener, chief executive officer, Profitero. “Beyond integration, IRI clients can also benefit from our latest data enhancements, offering more granular, store-level views of performance and deeper competitive insights into retail media performance.”

Source: IRI