Fairbanks Scales Inc., the oldest scale company in the U.S. and the world’s leader in weighing equipment, announces that its FB4000 Series of scale instruments is ideal for implementing predictive cutoff flow monitoring in a wide range of industrial filling applications, including grain loading, cement and asphalt mixing, food and beverage batching processes, and more.

The Predictive Cutoff Application for the FB4000 is a flexible and robust filling, batching, and weighing solution. Capable of controlling the flow of up to a dozen different materials and storing recipes with up to four materials each, the Predictive Cutoff Application ensures the highest reliability and seamless process flow between operations.

Typical filling applications turn off the flow of materials when a specified setpoint weight has been reached. With Predictive Cutoff, the FB4000 constantly monitors the rate of weight change on the scale and predicts the value between display updates on-screen; if the setpoint will be reached between updates, the FB4000 does not wait to stop the flow. This results in more accurate filling weights, saving time and expense regardless of the filling or batching application.

Built on a Windows operating system, information from the FB4000 is easy to integrate into other operational reporting systems, and the instrument can connect to any Windows® compatible USB or network printer. Filling processes are graphically displayed for the operator to simplify operation. The FB4000 filling screen contains all the information users need to monitor the status of the current filling operation. In addition to live weight, the recipe and material names are displayed, along with the weight information for the recipe. A progress bar provides a visual guide to the status of the operation.

The Predictive Cutoff Application has a variety of reporting options, including the ability to print, export or email configurable reports that show a range of weighment information. The application also features recipe storage for easy management, an ethernet TCP/IP relay box interface, up to 16 configurable I/Os, error notifications, customizable reports, safety interlocks, and formattable tickets.

To learn more about predictive cutoff flow monitoring using the Fairbanks Scales FB4000 Series of scale instruments, visit http://www.fairbanks.com.