Warren Controls, a leading manufacturer of control valves and specialty fluid handling products, announces new updates to its state-of-the-art ValveWorks program to improve the sizing and selection process for globe and rotary control valves based on the ISA 75.01 international standard.

Updates to the program improve its ability to be used to create quotes, to be easier to navigate, and the capacity to handle projects of greater complexity. User feedback has been incorporated into a number of changes to navigation, including helpful Navigation Pop Ups, to guide users working with data. The ValveWorks program now includes a CLONE feature in which users can easily create duplicates of a project to develop variant quotes. Importantly, the program now handles very large projects, of up to several hundred valves, for use in developing large quotes for customers. Another benefit is the new option to add Thermal Blankets and Acoustic Blankets to a quote, as well as our MerlinÔ Pressure Regulator as an accessory.

An exclusive program, Warren Controls’ ValveWorks is an easy-to-use online system that safely maps out users’ solutions based on application requirements and process conditions. Control valves are sized accurately for optimum control, providing minimal energy loss and maximum life expectancy, without excessive maintenance. Users can navigate through more than 100,000 combinations of construction attributes, factoring in requirements like flow rate, inlet pressure and temperature, pressure drop, vapor and critical pressure, predicted noise and more.

The program also allows customers to further customize valves, selecting carbon steel or stainless steel for the body, threaded of flanged ends, pressure rating, trim material and accessories. The process repeats on the actuator side, so that when users are finished, they have a detailed Sizing Report and optional Flow Curve Report. The new updates build upon the existing program, providing users with the freedom to create more detailed and sophisticated quotes for sharing with customers.

 Learn more about these updates and register for ValveWorks online at www.warrencontrols.com.