The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) announced that its Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance Foundation (MISAF) has opened the 2021 scholarship application period for deserving students studying meat sciences at universities throughout North America.

“Given what we have all experienced over the past year, we are especially excited about opening up the scholarship application period and look forward to the submissions from this year’s batch of highly qualified students,” said Brian Perkins, Chairman of the MISA Foundation and Executive Vice President of Further Processing of Provisur Technologies. “While we expect that many of this year’s applicants are studying remotely, they still have tuition and other needs that the MISA Scholarship can greatly assist in defraying the costs. The MISA Scholarship Program has attracted the best and brightest meat science students in North America for many decades and our applicant class in 2020 was especially impressive with winners representing some of the most prestigious meat science programs in the country, including Purdue University, Kansas State University, Texas Tech University (3), and University of Florida (2). This scholarship has been a great support to these individuals who clearly have a bright future in this industry.”

“This Scholarship Fund was formed with the goal of supporting and encouraging promising students interested in furthering their education to pursue a career within the industry. The members of the Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance remain committed to supporting and furthering advanced studies within the meat science field,” said FPSA President and CEO David Seckman. “MISA continues to fund the scholarship program via its programs and activities with the goal of giving back to the meat industry and encouraging careers to the next generation of qualified meat science professionals.”

The Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance is governed by an all-volunteer board of directors who take an active role in the review and selection of scholarship winners. For more information on the Meat Industry Supplier Alliance contact David Seckman at 703-663-1200 or

The application period for the 2021 MISA Foundation scholarship is now open and the deadline for submission of applications is May 14, 2021. Interested students should contact Ann Marie Penaranda at 703-663-1213 or

Source: MISAF