Robroy Stainless provides users of electrical raceways the first complete electrical infrastructure system featuring stainless steel conduit, fittings, and accessories to minimize both corrosion and contamination.

Because of differences within environments, Robroy Stainless offers two innovative stainless steel product families --- “Traditional” and “Hygienic” --- to optimize value by best meeting the conditions of specific applications.

Robroy Stainless Traditional
This product solution is for the highest level of corrosion protection in the harshest environments. Among its many benefits: an electro-finish polish on conduit bodies improves corrosion resistance, enhances cleanability and provides aesthetically pleasing appearance. Center aligned threading of conduit ensures environmental and safety rating conformance of the installed system. Oversized stainless steel cover screws are designed to maintain a superior environmental rating and eliminate the hassle associated with screw breakage. Conduit bodies include nitrile gaskets rated for protection against dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water and hose-directed water.

Robroy Stainless Hygienic
This product solution is for the highest level of corrosion protection in environments where hygienic (sanitary) performance is critical. The sealed system provides ingress protection against dust and high pressure/high temperature spray for added safety and sanitation within plant operations. Easily identifiable by the Robroy Hygienic symbol these products feature a patented hygienic-designed conduit body and cover to maximize cleanability and minimize buildup of contaminates within the installed system. Conduit body lids come with FDA-compliant blue (non-food color) silicone gaskets and utilize mechanical stops to guarantee optimized compression for environmental ratings. Additional attributes include center aligned threading of conduit and a circular gasket that ensures environmental and safety rating conformance of the installed system. A specially designed captive screw retention and gasket system eliminates risk of ingress and contamination.

Both Traditional and Hygienic Robroy Stainless products use an Oxidative Thermo Process for marking instead of traditional casting insets, etchings or stampings. This eliminates recesses and niches, preventing opportunities for particle or water retention. The high-contrast marking does not affect product surfaces and remains legible even after numerous cleanings. Additionally, the Oxidative Thermo Process eliminates the risk of a paper labels fading or peeling to become foreign matter.

“I am extremely pleased with the feedback on our Stainless offerings,” says Steve Voelzke, President of Robroy Raceways. “There is growing focus and concern for food safety. Preventing both contamination and damage from corrosion in facilities is critical to our customers. Our stainless steel raceway systems were developed, with the guidance of many actual end-users, to fight those specific challenges and reduce the significant risks that can result in fines, fees, and products recalls. Our focus is on ensuring the customer has the best possible installed system and not just individual components. Users of the Robroy Stainless platform of products know that their electrical infrastructure is protected.”

Users of Robroy Stainless systems can depend on regular additions to the Traditional and Hygienic product lines. Recent expansions have included immediate availability of:

  • Traditional Device Boxes and Covers
  • Traditional and Hygienic Conduit Hubs (with and without grounding nut)
  • Traditional and Hygienic LL, LR, and X Conduit Bodies
  • Hygienic Close Nipples
  • Hygienic Liquid Tight Fittings
  • Hygienic Liquid Tight Transition Adapters
  • Hygienic Low Point Drains

Because Robroy Stainless products fight the rising costs of corrosion, perform reliably in diverse temperature ranges, plus provide environmental protection, mechanical strength and appealing aesthetics, these systems are ideal for applications in wide-ranging markets. The Traditional line is ideal for industries such as wastewater, petrochemical, chemical, nuclear, infrastructure and transportation, power plants, and pulp and paper mills. The Hygienic line offers the added benefit of ingress protection and sanitary design making it perfect for food and beverage, pet food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical.

Robroy Stainless is third party certified to industry-recognized standards for sanitation, hygiene, environmental ratings and electrical safety including NSF, UL, and IEC. Robroy Stainless is manufactured by Robroy Industries, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Free installer certification is available to ensure effective installation through use of proper techniques and tools. Robroy Stainless systems are a cost-effective choice because of ease of installation and reduced labor costs.

For additional information about the Robroy Stainless raceway system, including installer certification training available in a virtual format featuring classroom and hands-on instruction, visit: