Bubbarock Meat Co., an online spice blend and jerky company started by three friends, is launching a storefront in Bellevue, Ohio. The new location will sell a variety of meats and feature a dining area, reports the Sandusky Register.

The company was started by Bubba Nottke, a veteran butcher, and brothers Chris “Wrench” Ray and Ryan “Rock” Ray. The brothers have founded technology-based companies before embarking on BubbaRock Meat Co. “The goal is to be “On the Cutting Edge” in the meat industry by integrating top-notch technical skill with real-world butcher expertise to produce the best tasting, most cost effective, and the most consistent products available on the market today,” the company says.

Bubbarock Meat Co. has offered 20 original spice blend flavors and 12 types of jerky. Those items will be featured in the store, which will also include a 42-foot-long meat case, a deli and sandwich shop and a take-out window for pre-orders.

“We’re trying to restore the intimate relationship between the butcher and the customer that’s kind of been lost over the years,” said Ryan Ray.

For more information visit https://bubbarock.com/

Source: Sandusky Register, Bubbarock Meat Co.