Wilevco has launched its all-new Series 9 Continuous Batter Mixing System. The fully automated system represents the company’s biggest update in over two decades and results in a complete reimagining of the continuous batter mixing system and how processors can improve consistency and profitability on their batter-bread lines. Coupled with the Cryolator, the industry leader in cooling batter, Wilevco’s solution remains the premier batter mixing system available on the market today.

The new, 100% wash down open-frame design is easier to clean, in less time, and with less effort. “One of our Series 8 customers switched to the new Series 9 and found that sanitation went from over an hour on each machine, with over 15 tri-clamp fittings to remove, to around 5 minutes with only 4 fittings,” stated Wilevco owner Robert Reiser. “In addition, the open frame allows operators to see the entire process at a glance, allowing them to monitor the entire line rather than be dedicated to just overseeing the mixer, saving on labor and reducing costs.”

Along with the new frame also comes a shift to a Dixon RZL series positive displacement pump which removes the rubber impellers found in the previous system. “These impellers were without a doubt our customers’ #1 concern, and I am happy that we were able to leverage a system that removes them. The new pumping apparatus is virtually maintenance free, has all metal parts, and is even gentler on product than the previous system. The new pump will yield better batter, with less maintenance, and with less chance of contamination,” stated Reiser.

In addition, a shift to inline viscosity measurement and 100% Allen-Bradley controls allow for fully automated, recipe driven, “set it and forget it” operation with no intervention required. “As part of commissioning we help the plant set up recipes in the Allen Bradley system to fit their batter profiles. At startup, all that’s required is to press the Auto-Start button and the machine will automatically make batter to the correct viscosity – no float balls or gates to adjust, no messy Stein cups to see where the settings are that day, and no sophisticated operators required.”

For more information visit www.wilevco.com.