Chick’nCone, the fast-craft restaurant concept famous for serving crispy, hand-cut chicken tenders in a freshly made waffle cone, is excited to announce that it will be expanding its franchise presence in St. Louis, introducing 10 new locations throughout the next 10 years. Capitalizing off the recent growth the brand has experienced throughout the pandemic, Chick’nCone believes the time is ripe to begin opening additional locations in the local St. Louis market.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Chick’nCone has grown from four open locations to 24, introducing more people than ever to its unique menu, known for being #socluckingood. With one location already successfully established in downtown St. Louis, the brand is thrilled to open more in the city where the ice cream cone was first introduced. 

“The ice cream cone was debuted in St. Louis at the World's Fair in 1904 and the moment changed ice cream forever,” said CEO and co-founder of Chick’nCone, Jonathan Almanzar. “When Chick'nCone debuted its first St. Louis location in 2021, we were happy to further evolve the traditional cone and change the industry once again. We are confident that now is the time to continue introducing our handheld chick’ncones to the area for all to enjoy and experience what puts our brand ahead in the fried chicken industry.”

Chick’nCone’s recent success can be attributed to its unique menu offerings and the simplicity of its franchise-ready business model. The brand has been able to create an entirely new category of menu items, transforming the familiar comfort food of chicken and waffles into its photo-worthy and on-the-go staple. Since its founding in 2014, the Chick’nCone has been praised for its natural ability to be showcased on social media. Its concise, yet scalable menu, does not necessitate the need for large retail space, allowing for creative opportunities to grow and innovate into the future. 

“I have personally always loved the city of St. Louis,” said Almanzar. “As a brand, we view it is an important city in the crossroads of America and the symbolic gateway for development and expansion. We've had a great response so far with our current St. Louis location and can’t wait to bring this original concept to more local communities.” 

Today, Chick’nCone has 24 locations open and operating throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, with plans to have 50 locations open by the end of 2022. The brand’s blooming success can be attributed to its concise menu, small commercial footprint, and the fact that it is pioneering a category of food that has never been seen before. 

Chick’nCone’s St. Louis expansion comes during a time of continued national growth for the brand. As targets new territories and expands in existing ones, Chick’nCone is actively seeking experienced franchisees to help to bring this one-of-a-kind concept to their own communities. For more information, please visit

Source: Chick'nCone