Linde is debuting a next generation equipment monitoring system for its cryogenic freezers at the International Production and Processing Expo (booth 10843) in Atlanta, Jan. 25–27, 2022. 

“The CRYOCONNECT RM remote monitoring system gives food manufacturers better information for managing the performance of their cryogenic freezers,” said Chris Johnson, director business development. “Current and historic operational data is accessible online, so authorized personnel can see and analyze the ongoing freezer operation. We’ve also made the reporting function more robust to facilitate performance review and planning.”

With the CRYOCONNECT RM remote monitoring system, managers have online access to freezer data wherever and whenever is most convenient, so freezer operations can be analyzed to maintain optimal performance. The system uses operational sensors to collect data, then connects the sensor info with managers, operators, analysts, and when needed, Linde technicians. The redesigned operator interface provides a system overview, letting users see quickly whether the freezer is functioning properly.

Not only does the system offer secure remote data access to current operations, but the interface allows customizable graphic reporting and mobile alerts, along with access to historical data. This gives users information to increase the uptime of processing by adjusting and troubleshooting an operation in minutes. Additional information provided via the system can also serve as a type of training for operators, giving them a more complete understanding between the inputs and outputs of freezers.

The CRYOCONNECT RM system at-a-glance:

  • Improved user interface
  • Remote operational and historical data access
  • Graphical reporting capabilities
  • Customizable reporting and mobile alerts
  • Automatable reporting (monthly, quarterly)
  • Easily retrofitted onto existing Linde tunnel and spiral freezers
  • Improves internal and external troubleshooting
  • Optimizes freezer uptime and overall operation

More information about the CRYOCONNECT RM system and other Linde services and equipment systems for making high-quality food and beverages will be on display at Linde's IPPE booth C10843, or online at

Source: Linde