Squadle, a workflow automation company that enables multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety, has announced the Squadle Sense Remote Temperature Monitoring (RTM), a hands-free tracking system to monitor freezer and refrigerator interiors. Using wireless temperature sensors, Squadle Sense RTM effortlessly keeps stores in compliance and frees up time previously spent maintaining food safety so that staff has more time for the things that increase the bottom line.

When placed in a freezer, the Squadle smart sensor leverages LoRaWAN technology to track the ambient temperature and then calibrates the temperatures of individual products—from meat to cheese to vegetables—without having to touch them or open their packaging. Instead, the temperature-check task is performed instantly, eliminating the need for employees to physically check temperatures. Reducing manual temperature checks allows operators to save 20 minutes of shift work per day. What’s more, the smart sensors prevent major inventory loss from food spoilage by flagging any temperature issues early. Squadle pilot customers report saving thousands of dollars in inventory loss when switching to RTM.

“Where previously, foodservice employees entered a walk-in freezer and opened food packages to ascertain food temperatures using a hand-held probe, the new Squadle RTM automates that process,” said Jay Jungalwala, chief technology officer, Squadle, Inc. “Restaurant and store operators save time and eliminate food waste while also ensuring food safety.”

Using LoRaWAN technology as its connectivity backbone, the Squadle RTM surpasses previous WiFi and cellular networks to wirelessly connect devices to the internet and manages communication between end-node devices and network gateways. Its pervasive connectivity can penetrate solid objects like refrigerators and freezers.

Once configured and installed the Squadle RTM immediately connects to the existing Squadle food safety platform to provide:

  • Smart Capture – Automatically pulls temperatures from coolers and freezers and uploads to digital checklist saving as much as 20 minutes a day.
  • Custom Configuration – Each RTM system is installed and configured to meet a location’s exact compliance needs and is easily adjusted as customer needs change.
  • Effortless Compliance – The system automatically populates temperature logs and sends the data to a Squadle tablet as well as personalized performance dashboards in Squadle’s customer application, HQ.
  • 24/7 Monitoring with SMS Alerts – The system delivers text and email alerts to notify operators when they are at risk for major inventory loss.
  • Predictive Notification – System algorithms detect temperature changes before they become an issue, providing the best defense against catastrophic inventory loss.

Squadle is a configurable operations platform that restaurants, grocery, convenience stores and retailers use to eliminate their paper-based manager playbooks, checklists, and compliance forms. Squadle’s Digital Checklists ensure higher completion rates, lead to more efficient operations, and a better customer experience. Operators benefit from a customized reporting dashboard highlighting when and what corrective actions were taken, ultimately reducing the risk of food safety issues. Squadle customers have seen health department violations reduced by over 30% after the product is deployed.

For more information, visit Squadle Remote Temperature System or watch the Squadle Remote Temperature Monitoring video.

Source: Squadle