Fresh-Lock closures brought fresh ideas for food packaging and resealable pouches to the 2022 International Production and Processing Expo. The Fresh-Lock team highlighted the consumer appeal of its popular Double Zipper, Soft Seal, and Ribbed Zipper solutions with visitors at the show.

“It only takes 2.6 seconds for a consumer to make a purchasing decision between two different product options,” says Gianni Holzem, Fresh-Lock commercial sales director at Reynolds Consumer Products. “To win those quick decisions by consumers and stand out amid competing food options, brands and packagers need to consider more than the food or beverage product. They need to create a better consumer experience through attractive, value-added packaging.”

For example, flexible, resealable meat packaging offers extra features that appeal to consumers. “Whether the meat is frozen, deli, or processed, the right film material and compatible closure will help maintain quality,” Holzem said. “Flexible packaging with a high-quality seal or zipper closure can provide a strong moisture and oxygen barrier, delivering that just-opened quality while the product is consumed in multiple servings.”

The Fresh-Lock team featured three closures at the IPPE Expo:

  • Zipper Top Closure is popular with flash frozen poultry, the zipper is produced with a wider web of film which forms the top of the package. Zipper Top works well with special form, fill and seal formats and is produced with a lower carbon footprint than comparable versions.
  • Pre-Zip Closures are pre-applied zippers which allow packagers to process zippered film into pouches without the need of special equipment or machine modifications. Pre-zip closures provide front panel access and are popular with bakery, snack, and frozen food applications, and vertical form, form, fill, and seal operations.
  • Mini Slider capitalizes on source reduction of materials without sacrificing the consumer experience. Mini makes a great choice for adding a premium feature to your package.
  • Strong sales of consumer packaged goods (CPG) in recent years reflect consumers’ preference for wholesome, fresh foods served at home. Sales of meat rose 34.6 percent during the COVID-19 pandemic and 19.2 percent the prior year, according to Supermarket News, suggesting that the home cooking trend endures while in-person work resumes. 

For additional information about sustainable solutions and initiatives currently available, visit the Fresh-Lock website or contact 920-738-1747. 

Source: Fresh-Lock