Goodway Technologiesa global supplier of industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, has announced the recent acquisition of Doman, SRL, a premier manufacturer of dry industrial steam cleaning systems for commercial and industrial applications. 

Dry steam cleaning systems are used worldwide to deliver powerful cleaning and sanitation performance across many commercial and industrial applications.

“This is an exciting time for Goodway and Doman. We’ve had a very successful commercial relationship with Doman for many years,” said Tim Kane, CEO of Goodway Technologies. “This acquisition feels more like adding to the existing Goodway family than acquiring a new company. Adding these products to the Goodway Technologies lineup positions us well for sustainable growth in our target markets, and we’re excited to offer this innovative technology on a global level.”

Doman, SRL brings the power of dry steam technology to the industrial and professional cleaning market with high-performance solutions for commercial, professional, and industrial use. High temperature, low moisture dry steam cleaning continues to grow as an effective cleaning and sanitizing solution for many applications. The efficacy of dry steam is well documented for removing bacteria and allergens and removing oils, grease, dirt, and more. It is becoming an increasingly popular solution in food and beverage production sanitation, high-tech manufacturing, and other water-sensitive environments.

“As with Doman, Goodway Technologies focuses on providing customers with high-quality cleaning solutions that make cleaning and sanitizing easier and more effective,” said Renato Bernardi of Doman. “They realize the importance of understanding the customer’s needs to create a personalized solution, and we look forward to the innovative products and technology that will result from our collaboration.”

In addition to steam cleaning equipment, Goodway Technologies also manufactures solutions for industrial and commercial maintenance needs across multiple markets, including facilities management, commercial HVAC, food and beverage, and utility markets. More information on Goodway Technologies products can be found at, including dry steam cleaning systems.