Alaska's Copper River Coho, in season from mid-August through September, signals the shift from summer to fall. Renowned as "The Last Great Salmon of the Season," Copper River coho lends itself to an array of preparations and pairs naturally with the flavors of late August as well as with the cozier flavors of autumn such as apples, squashes, root vegetables, and earthy mushrooms.

Harvested sustainably according to strict guidelines set by Alaska Department of Fish and Game, these salmon are treasured for their delicate texture and mild flavor. The last of the salmon species to return to the glacial-fed Copper River Delta every summer, they average 12 pounds each, and are naturally rich in protein and heart healthy omega three fatty acids—one 7-ounce portion has 8 grams protein and 2200 mg omega 3s. Available fresh, they can be grilled over cedar planks which imbues a rich woodsy flavor. The fillets are equally versatile prepared stovetop or in the oven.

With the season underway, Copper River coho is being shipped fresh from Cordova to wholesale distributors, supermarkets, and fish markets nationwide.

To locate Copper River Coho in your area, check the Fish Locator on the Copper River website. Basic tips for cooking Copper River salmon can be also found on the Association's website, along with recipes.

Source: Copper River/Prince William Sound Marketing Association