Fishermen-led and owned Alaskan Salmon becomes one of the only online providers in the world to offer direct-to-consumer waitlist access to the prized Copper River king salmon season, available May - September. 

Consumers can pre-order rare Alaskan salmon online that most people have not tried outside of a Michelin-starred experience or sushi restaurant setting. Customers can choose one of two options: a five-pound Copper River king salmon box averaging 13-15 fillets at $75 per pound ($375); and sockeye salmon at $50 per pound ($250) with a maximum order of two boxes. 

In 2016, Alaskan Salmon began as an e-commerce company specializing in Copper River salmon. Founded by a native Alaskan, Kyle Lee developed a new career path post-college after recognizing the disconnect in the quality of salmon in the states. Each year, he sells out attracting the attention of Michelin-starred chefs, restaurants and popular fish markets. 

As COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of online grocery shopping and spiked demand for sustainable seafood, Alaskan Salmon removes the middlemen and eliminates the lengthy supply chain to catch, process and ship wild-caught Copper River salmon directly to customers. 

“We are proud to create newfound access to consumers that provides the highest quality Copper River salmon, supports fishermen and lets the public cook a premium salmon at home,” Founder Kyle Lee said. “There’s a huge gap in the market to be able to supply seafood directly and educate consumers on how they can sustainably support the industry and, in return, put incredible, wild-caught salmon on the dinner table.”

Copper River king salmon is recognized as the “king of kings” with its rich, buttery texture and one of the highest Omega-3 fat content. Sourced from the 300-mile Copper River, the salmon require more fat storage to fuel their upstream journey against a seven mph current. Copper River is home to three species of wild salmon (king, sockeye and coho), and Alaskan Salmon will offer all species based on availability.

Source: Alaskan Salmon