One of the most desired improvements to the Studio 5000 Logix Designer experience in the process industry is the expansion for the SequenceManager to include 5x80P controller support. Customers will now be able to extend the same functionality that has been available and proven to a process application with the latest in process controller technology.

V35 supports the latest hardware, including the introduction of support for

  • FLEXHA 5000 I/O 
  • GuardLink
  • 1756-EN4TR enhancements

A top enhancement request from users within Studio 5000 to support the Motion applications is the ability to virtualize motion for Kinetix, PowerFlex and iTRAK 5730 CIP Motion devices. Axis-Test Mode supports physical controllers and emulated controllers using FactoryTalk Logix Echo. This allows for greater flexibility and design time experimentation via virtualization.

A new benefit with V35 is the expansion of three new process instructions that will be added and embedded in the software, including P_SD, P_nPOS and P_valveMP. These instructions, along with the various process improvements made in the software, can be paired with PlanxPAx seamlessly, making programming a process application more streamlined.

The latest version will align with FactoryTalk Logix Echo V2 and the upcoming Studio 5000 Logix Designer SDK, offering the first publicly available userscripting utility for Studio 5000. This improvement allows users to write C++ script commands to automate repetitive tasks in the Logix Designer application environment.