Supreme Beef Jerky launches new product packaging. Introducing attractive packaging can form a great impression on customers. Supreme Beef Jerky aims to grab customers' attention with new retail bags and cartons.

Supreme Beef Jerky offers a wide range of products made with 100% halal-certified beef, which allows Muslims to eat beef jerky. Try the Original Hickory, Jalapeno Garlic, Sweet and Spicy, Western Teriyaki and BBQ Scorpion flavors in new 2.5-ounce bags and retail-ready 10-pack cartons with headers cards.

“We have worked so hard to make delicious [halal-certified] beef jerky. Why stop there? Presentation is everything. [...] Every customer can enjoy delicious jerky that is professionally packaged," said Supreme Beef Jerky founder and CEO, Amad Mehboob.

Supreme Beef Jerky products are available online for purchase at and at

Source: Supreme Beef Jerky