Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation, developers of the nation's leading morning after Hangover Recovery Shot and Git-R-Done-Energy, is pleased to announce that the company is launching its own exclusive line of premium gourmet beef brisket beef jerky. "This is the company moving into a new direction as a functional lifestyle company," said Matthew Veal, CEO of Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation. "We have been developing our own exclusive marinade and flavors for over a year. We believe we have created an incredible new line for the company and this will fill a need in the market and category." There is a jerky explosion going on where Americans and other Western consumers are increasingly opting for protein-based snacks over sugary ones. But this is not your father's (or great-grandfather's) dried-meat snack. We like to say our gourmet beef brisket jerky is "artisanal." The market for jerky has ballooned into a nearly $1.5 billion industry in the United States. Sales are up by 13 percent since 2013, and by 46 percent since 2009.

"This is a major new direction for our Company," said Shawn Adamson, head of sales & marketing and co-founder of Hangover Joe's. "We are a functional lifestyle beverage company and that is always going to be our focus, but we have an expanding dealers network around the country and we saw the need to bring them a new product -- a product that would be exclusive to Hangover Joe's and yet keep to the theme of our company and brands. I grew up in cattle country in Kansas and I know beef quite well, so it was very important that we would create what we believe to be the best tasting highest quality product possible. So much of the beef jerky on the market in the USA is not from here at all, it's imported from South America or even Asia and it's not beef brisket and it's highly over processed, so we saw a need to create a high quality gourmet brand. We identified there is a need in the market for a gourmet brand to emerge and that's what we have created and what we will achieve with our exclusive brands and flavors." The demand for dried meat has risen to such heights that it now dwarfs that of other once comparable snacks. A recent report by market research firm Euromonitor found that jerky outsells seeds, party mixes, and pita chips -- combined. We are going to get a big part of this market in the USA and globally. But jerky's popularity also owes a great deal to this country's obsession with protein. More than half of Americans say they want more of it in their diet, and they have proven that the talk isn't cheap. Beef jerky, which is high in protein, low in calories, highly portable, and can last for a long time, has benefited greatly from its ability to double as both a practical and healthy snack. "A recent trend among consumers of viewing protein as an effective appetite suppressant and energy booster has further helped jerky to be perceived as a smart snacking option," Euromonitor notes in its report. Our premium gourmet beef brisket jerky is of the highest quality and is made fresh to order, we select only the best USDA top cut premium beef brisket. This is all 100% USA beef and we have developed our own exclusive process of aging and curing that is at the top of the industry in quality, taste and standards.

Staying true to form, as we did with our hangover recovery shot, we saw the need in the market for gourmet new flavors of jerky. Millennials are huge consumers of jerky, but they like fresh and gourmet and we have created just that. Our exclusive brands are flavored with alcohol, which allows us to break down the meat and make it tenderer and also to help in the aging and curing process. We are launching brands such as New Orleans Whiskey Cured Cajun Jerky, which uses southern bourbon. This jerky is an outstanding tender cut jerky. This is the bold taste of Bourbon & Beef Steak! New Orleans is known for some of the greatest food in the world and this jerky lives up to the tradition of the Big Easy as its gourmet and combines a taste that is truly southern. We also have created Sake Teriyaki, a Japanese Style that is a tender steak cut and a sweet mouthwatering jerky. Our Sake Teriyaki is one of our classics. We use Japanese sake to break down the meat and make it tenderer and yet give it a gourmet flavor that is distinct. This is a great tasting jerky. For those who like Jerky with a little bit of heat, we have created Tequila Lime Habanero Jerky. Our Tequila Lime Habanero Jerky combines the taste of old Mexico and the Southwest. This is a drier jerky but the flavor is outstanding. It's what we like to call the Mexican Meat Margarita. We also created a Black Pepper Sea Salted Vodka infused Jerky that is out of this world, with premium pepper and sea salt spice infused with Russian vodka! It doesn't get any better than this. It's a perfect balance of rich beef flavor and Russian Vodka, fragrant black pepper and an ideal subtle saltiness of the black sea salt. Black pepper gives you a kick while the sea salt brings all the flavors together and the Russian vodka makes this the ultimate meat martini. If you like steak & martini you're going to love this jerky. If you're a beer drinker you're going to go crazy for our IPA Beer Cured Jerky. This has a malty meat backbone that is judiciously hopped with the taste of microbrew. Just the right blend of hops and spices, tender cut and a smoky flavor makes this quite a unique jerky. This is where craft beer and craft age jerky meet to create a gourmet delight of sophistication. If you like the taste of beer and meat combined you're going to love our IPA Beer Cured Jerky. One of our most unique new brands is our Rum Coconut Campfire Pirate Jerky. This is the flavor of the Caribbean in a bag. This jerky is unique and has a distinctive gourmet flavor. The jerky is cured and campfire roasted with the spices of the Caribbean, a hit of Pineapple, with Coconut flavored rum. This is what we call pirate jerky, where it is made hanging high over a low flame. This is a slow cooking technique that takes much of the moisture out of the meat but leaves the most unique flavors behind. This is very gourmet with a distinct flavor that has not been achieved before in Jerky. If you love Coconut, you're going to love this jerky. Our exclusive line of premium gourmet beef brisket jerky comes in six unique flavors that we have used alcohol to create a tenderer and gourmet flavored jerky. We also have a Western Style Outlaw premium beef brisket beef jerky. Our western style jerky is tender and mouthwatering, what we call cowboy jerky. It's a premium tender cut with western seasonings, and as we say, "This Stuff is So Good, You'll Want it For Your Last Meal!" Finally, keeping to our southern roots we have created a Memphis Dry Rub BBQ Jerky. Memphis is known for its unique style of BBQ. We slow smoke this jerky to a tender perfection. The use of a dry rub is crucial for Memphis style BBQ. We have perfected our own Hangover Joe's dry rub for a perfect combination of savory, sweet, and spicy flavors. If you appreciate great BBQ, the Memphis style BBQ jerky is packed full of southern goodness. This jerky is good enough for a King. We believe Elvis or BB King would surely approve. If you like Memphis dry rub BBQ, you're going to love this jerky, its gourmet and outstanding.

"I believe we have created what will become an industry leading brand," said Mike Jaynes co-founder of Hangover Joe's. "Once found only in truck stops and gas stations, beef jerky is turning up everywhere from the aisles of Whole Foods to Jerky outlets to West Village boutiques. We have a dealer network and we have convenience-stores all over the country. We will be launching our premium gourmet beef brisket jerky into all types of stores. We are targeting health-conscious shoppers who are becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies, and they are getting the message that the health and wellness community understands that protein is a better source of fuel that fats, sugars or carbs. The key to our jerky is the freshness. It's all made to order for our stores with oxygen sensors in the bags to keep it fresh with a shelf life of one year."

"Americans are increasingly replacing meals with snacks and our beef jerky will be an arm's length away in thousands of stores across the country very soon for hungry consumers," added Jaynes. "We saw a need to create a gourmet brand in beef jerky. There really has been no innovation in the beef jerky category. Hangover Joe's again is going to become a leader in this category. We are bringing innovation in our flavor profiles and a much higher quality of beef to the jerky market. What we are providing consumers is an exclusive high quality fresh and healthy meat treat that is simply gourmet and good. We will launch other flavors and products as we continue to build our functional lifestyle brands and bring added value to our company for shareholders. Our dealers will be out across the country at events selling our gourmet brand of premium beef brisket beef jerky in combination with our hangover recovery shots and healthy energy shots, plus loading stores up around the country. Once you try our beef jerky you will want no others. Check out our exclusive brands of premium gourmet beef brisket jerky at http://www.hangoverjoes.com/BeefJerky/. We like to say our beef jerky is #Jerkylicious! Once you try it we know you will agree."

For more information, visit our website at www.hangoverjoes.com