Cybertrol Engineering, a provider of plant-wide automation systems and information integration solutions, is announcing that Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, has named Cybertrol Engineering the winner of the first-ever Sustainability Award during the 2023 Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Conference.

The Sustainability Award acknowledges a PartnerNetwork firm that has demonstrated outstanding efforts, initiatives and programs in the field of environmentalism. The recipient company must align with Rockwell Automation’s mission to integrate control and information across the enterprise to help industrial companies be more productive and sustainable.

"We are honored to be recognized by Rockwell Automation for the first-ever Sustainability Award in our efforts to provide viable and cutting-edge technology to our clients," said Ben Durbin, president of Cybertrol Engineering. "Our team is committed to delivering solutions that not only help our clients achieve their automation goals but also contribute to a more sustainable future. We are proud to be at the forefront of this important movement and look forward to continuing to drive positive change in the industry."

Cybertrol Engineering and client Meati have collaborated to provide a system that sustainably grows a type of protein derived from mushroom root, commonly referred to as mycelium. This protein is used to produce healthy meat alternatives, which are becoming a popular dietary choice in America. Meati uses a Cybertrol-designed advanced control system that provides continuous visibility into the production process, optimizing water usage, energy and time, resulting in a more sustainable end product. As Meati continuously sets sustainability objectives and pledges, the transparency of this data through the control system created by Cybertrol — utilizing Rockwell Automation goods — will enable establishing significant targets with a clear view. Meati products offer an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional meat choices like cows and chickens, as they require fewer resources and eliminate the need for antibiotics and growth hormones. The collaboration provides more choices for consumers who want to reduce their consumption of conventional meat due to environmental, social or dietary concerns.

Cybertrol Engineering — a Rockwell Automation Gold System Integrator Partner — was selected as the first-ever winner of the Sustainability Award in recognition of the company’s commitment to deliver innovative food and beverage industry solutions that optimize the use of resources, reduce waste and energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. The company's sustainability-focused approach has helped its clients to achieve significant cost savings while also reducing their carbon footprint. 

“It is an honor to deliver our Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork Sustainability Award to Cybertrol Engineering, which delivered a cutting-edge solution to Meati, a mushroom-root protein company,” said Andrea Ruotolo, global head of customer sustainability at Rockwell Automation. “The protein products could play a meaningful role in addressing the challenge of climate change and food security. The solution allows for deeper and continuous visibility into the data required to optimize water, energy, and time within the processes.”

The PartnerNetwork Conference was centered on redefining the potential for partnerships through collaboration, as well as reinforcing the significance of the worldwide community to promote customer accomplishments. During the conference, which featured sessions and industry networking events, partners were highly visible, particularly during the PartnerNetwork Awards. Now in their second year, the awards honor the achievements of organizations that have successfully planned and executed innovative and transformational solutions.

Sources: Cybertrol Engineering; Rockwell Automation; Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork