Herd & Grace — the new premium delivery service for high-quality steaks sourced from pastures located in Australia and Tasmania — has launched Gundagai Free Range Lamb as part of their subscription box offering. This product is served at the finest restaurants around the world and now at home.

"These lambs are the most tender and flavorful cuts on the market. Each lamb is selected and graded based on age, feed, stress levels and quality of life, objectively being the highest quality of lamb available," said Jason Latshaw, chief executive officer of Herd & Grace. "The lamb is so mouthwatering and flavorful, a simple garlic, olive oil and fresh herb marinade makes this the star of the show."

Gundagai, a region on the Eastern slopes of New South Wales' Riverina, is known for its pure air and lush pastures, which makes it the ideal place for Aussie lambs to roam freely. Each lamb is graded for overall health and well-being, ensuring that only products which meet the highest standards are labeled Gundagai. Furthermore, these lambs are scored on the GLQ Score system, taking the intramuscular fat content and combining it with the lean meat yield. Gundagai Lambs receive a GLQ 5+ score, meaning there is a higher lean meat yield with marbling compared to standard lamb cuts on the market. This makes the meat silky and flavorful bite after bite, with no wasteful excess fat.

Sourced from ethical farms within the world's best regions for raising beef and lamb, all Herd & Grace products are also Halal certified — humanely handled during all aspects of production. For more information about Gundagai Lamb, visit https://herdandgrace.com/lamb.

Herd & Grace subscription boxes start at $135 for a robust offering of Aussie select cuts. Also included in each box are recipe ideas and preparation methods, making a restaurant-quality dinner easy for even novice home cooks.

To get Herd & Grace delivered and browse their extensive selection of curated subscription boxes, access their selection here. For more information, visit https://herdandgrace.com or follow them on Instagram or Twitter.

Source: Herd & Grace