Fine quality, high level of flexibility, and maximum yield even with smaller output quantities — the universal GMS 400 portioning machine is extending Multivac Group's range in the entry-level sector. TVI's latest development will be presented for the first time at Process Expo 2023. The machine is aimed primarily at medium-sized butcher shops and industrial-scale meat processors with smaller lines, as well as wholesale businesses, supply restaurants, caterers, canteens, schools and hospitals with portioned meat products.

“When it comes to the international markets, we expect a high demand from the food service sector, as well as those industrial-scale companies, which use smaller or more flexible lines, and those that are looking to get into fresh meat portioning. Our target group also of course includes large supermarkets with their own butchery sections,” explained Florian Helfrich, product manager at TVI.

The main feature of the multifunctional GMS 400 portioning machine, when compared with the previous GMS 520 model, is its flexible 3D forming of the product. This means that the system is even better suited to different sizes and shapes of meat primals. Thanks to the shaping of the primal, there is a very even cross section throughout the whole length of the product so that consistently even slices in both size and thickness can be cut with maximum product yield over the entire piece of meat. Depending on the desired shape and required quality expectations, it may even be possible to virtually eliminate the first and final end cuts completely.

The compact portioning machine can process practically any type of meat and fulfill a wide range of portioning tasks, from medallions to cutlets and roulades, from carpaccio to large joints, and either with or without bone for pork, lamb, or calf meat. It is possible, with just a few forming sets, to handle this wide range of products in a very short time.

Source: TVI (Multivac Group)