Hollymatic’s self-feeding Model R2200 is perfect for food forming and portioning requirements in small to high volume food processors. The compact, rugged machine forms a wide variety of products into a multitude of shapes and sizes. The R2200 also works well with ethnic menu items.

The R2200 Portioning Machine forms patties and other shapes up to 4.7” diameter with adjustable weights and thickness from 3/16” to .95”. It has a variable speed production output rate of 2200 portions per hour. Hollymatic’s R2200 is suited to a variety of product mixtures with numerous textures and consistencies. Simple operation uses synchronized paddles to gently form and portion the product while at the same time interleave patty paper, if required.

Powered by a ¾ HP motor, the Hollymatic R2200 Portioning Machine has a hopper capacity of 33 lbs. Options include auto wire clean, auto papering, various sized hoppers, and extended conveyors.

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