Andy Hanacek

Welcome to a new era in the long-storied history ofThe National Provisioner!

This month, we’re bringing you a newly redesigned magazine, focused on eye-catching photography and graphical elements, as well as easy-to-read layouts that will carry you from page to page with utmost ease. Our delivery may have changed, but our top-notch, editorially strong content will not change — you can bank on that.

As you move through the upcoming issues, you’ll notice even more dynamic designs and a fresher look as we let the creative juices flow in the coming months. We’ve also got a few editorial innovations up our sleeves that will complement our new look and feel nicely, and you can expect to see all of them in the coming months.

This month, for instance, you’ll notice that we’ve grouped our technology stories together in our Tech section (starting on Page 48). Every month, you will be able to find our technically inclined articles, from Research & Development to Processing Tech and Tech Showcase to Packaging Tech, in this section of the magazine.

We’ve streamlined and expanded our Table of Contents, to help readers find the stories quickly and efficiently. Also, the portion of the Table of Contents will give you a peek into what is available and upcoming on our Web site and in our e-Newsletter, Provisioner Prime.

Another subtle change in our delivery comes in the form of industry expertise. We’ve extended our hand to the bevy of experts who propel the protein-processing industry forward with innovation and research, and we have asked them to partner with us to bring their expertise to the pages of The National Provisioner. This strategy allows us to bring you even better information than before, taking even greater advantage of our unparalleled access to consultants, companies and universities, and their plants, facilities and information.

As always, we look to you, our readership, for further guidance as we roll out these innovations in our magazines and other properties. Let us know what you like and what you don’t like. Let us know if we’re missing anything you want to see covered, or if we’re right on in our coverage scope.

It’s a new era here at The National Provisioner, sure. But we’re building on a phenomenal reputation and taking that rep to a new level.

Join us for the journey — as the song (not about journalism or meat production, of course) from The Carpenters starts out: We’ve only just begun.