jennie o nachos kitJennie-O Turkey Nachos Mini Nacho Kit, introduced in 2011 as part of the brand’s fully cooked turkey snack and appetizer line, recently received an update to the product’s packaging. The exterior cardboard sleeve more prominently reflects the Jennie-O brand — leveraging the green and white color scheme that consumers recognize — and prominently calls out turkey as the main ingredient. Beneath the exterior packaging, the ground turkey comes in an easier-to-use microwavable cup, replacing the previously used plastic pouch. The updated packaging allows for easier assembly of the nachos and more complete usage of the nacho meat. Each Jennie-O Turkey Nachos Mini Nacho Kit includes: 6 oz. of fully cooked, taco-seasoned ground turkey in sauce, 4 oz. of corn tortilla chips and 3 oz. of shredded cheese.