Data Loggers

Onset has introduced the new TMC6-HE air temperature sensor, the latest addition to the company’s line of external sensors for energy and environmental monitoring. Ideal for a range of energy monitoring applications — from monitoring the efficiency of solar thermal systems to tracking building energy use — the sensor’s copper-plated probe ensures high-accuracy measurements and faster response time than previous models. The sensor can be easily attached to water pipes, hot water storage tanks, or boilers and is compatible with a number of Onset HOBO U12 USB data loggers. For plotting and analyzing temperature data, Onset offers HOBOware® software, an intuitive graphing and analysis software package for PC and Mac computers.

Onset: (800) 564-4377, or visit


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the Thermo Scientific EZx Compact, a small and easy-to-use X-ray system, is engineered to fit into nearly every type of food packaging production line. The affordable, redesigned model makes X-ray inspection technology accessible to customers who previously were using traditional metal detectors to protect their brand against foreign objects. With the EZx Compact they can now detect metal as well as other common contaminants such as glass, stone, bone and dense plastics. Priced only slightly above high-performance metal detectors, the EZx Compact system is an ideal starting point for companies seeking to switch to X-ray technology.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (800) 678-5599, or visit

Safety Gear

The complete line of Flavorseal barrier control safety supplies from CMS includes disposable frocks, gowns, gloves, aprons, bouffants, beard covers and more. New to the line are blue vinyl gloves, which are latex free to reduce allergy risk and are more easily seen should they fall into the food. CMS also offers color-coded frocks, especially valuable for food processing or foodservice as part of an operator’s complete HACCP program. Flavorseal color-coded PPE helps identify different areas of a processing environment where raw and cooked foods are prepared, to allow greater visibility and prevent cross-contamination.

CMS: (866) 769-1500, or visit


The Blitz stun gun from Cotran Corp. is the most powerful stunner available in its class. It loads a 9mm blank cartridge, producing high-velocity penetration. A quality tool manufactured in Germany, its nickel coating provides excellent protection from the elements. Regular maintenance is very important in keeping a unit clean and effective during use. Cotran’s maintenance program will maintain the efficacy of its stun guns unit, a key attribute that keeps stunning humane. Included in the kit is a Blitz stunner, 150 cartridges, cleaning supplies and replacement parts.

Cotran Corporation: (800) 345 4449,

Sanitation System

Dosatron International announced that it will begin selling a new version of its popular DosaCart portable injection system specifically developed for the application of FDA-approved sanitation agent peracetic acid (PAA). The cart’s polyethylene tank construction and a lack of internal metal parts make it uniquely suited to withstand the chemical reaction of PAA. The PAA DosaCart features a 15-gallon tank, 10-inch solid rubber tires, and a convenient clean-out valve. The DosaCart can be equipped with any PAA-capable Dosatron injector 20 GPM or smaller. Dosatron also offers a PAA-specific Quick Hook-Up Kit, which allows users to quickly and safely attach their Dosatron injector to their DosaCart.

Dosatron International Inc.: (800) 523-8499, or visit

Refrigeration System

Structural Concepts’ new EnergyWise refrigeration system, an industry first, now includes an exclusive energy-saving hot gas evaporator pan as standard. The pan replaces the traditional energy-hogging electric condensate pan with a more energy-efficient system that uses a byproduct from the refrigeration system (hot gas) to evaporate water from defrost. This “greener” technology is proven to save at least 9,000 kilowatts of energy per year in a single display case. The hot gas system is also more reliable because the hot gas condensate pan doesn’t rely on a float system to tell it to heat up. The self-contained refrigeration system as a whole reduces energy consumption by more than 50 percent.

Structural Concepts: (800) 433-9489, or visit

Software Platform

Cryovac PakFormance integration solutions are a unique combination of hardware, software, equipment and services designed exclusively for the food packaging industry. By employing the PakFormance integration solution, users can monitor key equipment and process indicators to immediately react to deviations and address potential issues, thereby increasing productivity and performance. The package gives food processors unrivaled control and oversight of their equipment, providing the ability to control and improve productivity and performance, resulting in a sustainable reduction in operating costs. Cryovac PakFormance integration solutions bring together automatic in-line weighing, automatic in-line label printing, batch management, tracking through the packaging line and continuous monitoring for process improvement.

Sealed Air Corp. (800) 845-3456, or visit


Ashworth Factory Service Corp. introduces Spiralube, a complete line of specially formulated lubricants to reduce maintenance and increase the operating life of spiral freezers, coolers and proofers. The line includes Food-Grade Penetrating Oil, Food-Grade Belt Oil, Food-Grade Bearing Grease and Gear Oil. Each product is labeled to clearly identify the defined application and when used at the recommended intervals, spiral performance can be optimized and the operating life increased. Ashworth’s approach with the lubricant is to enable maintenance departments with better tools to make spiral maintenance easier.

Ashworth Factory Service Corp.: (866) 204-1414, or visit

Association News

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and the U.S. Poultry & Egg Harold E. Ford Foundation have appropriated $339,560 for seven new research grants at six institutions. The association approved $169,064 for five projects, and the Ford Foundation approved $170,496 for two projects.

The funding was based on recommendations from the Foundation Research Advisory Committee. The committee evaluates research proposals to determine their value to the industry before making recommendations for funding. Members are professional specialists from different segments of the poultry and egg industry who represent a variety of disciplines.

Association-approved grants include: “Bacterial Recolonization of Previously In-house Composted Broiler Litter,” USDA-ARS; “Experimental Reproduction of Enterococcal Vertebral Osteoarthritis (EVOA),” North Carolina State University; “Studying IBV Hatchery Vaccination and Its Effect on Field Boost in Broilers,” University of Georgia; “Assessment of Biological Nitrogen Removal (BNR) in Poultry Processing Facilities,” Georgia Institute of Technology; and “Evaluation of New Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies for Poultry Housing,” University of Delaware.

Foundation-approved grants include: “Full Length Genomes of Infectious laryngotracheitis Virus (ILTV) Strains and Live Attenuated Vaccines: Rationale for the Design of Recombinant ILTV Vaccines,” University of Georgia; and “Evaluation of Animal Protein Meals on Nutritional Quality and Microbial Profile of the Gastrointestinal Tract,” Auburn University.

Supplier News

Dorner is offering unprecedented access to its highly trained team of experienced service technicians. The team will be available “24/7” to quickly address any maintenance issues or answer other service-related questions to keep Dorner customers up and running. To take advantage of this new service, Dorner customers are encouraged to call 1-888-417-3515 anytime outside of normal business hours starting. The company will continue to offer maintenance and service assistance during normal business hours at 1-800-259-1510. “Bottom line, the goal of our after-hours service hotline is to allow our customers to continue production at all times — which translates directly into lower cost of ownership and higher ROI for those who utilize Dorner products and services,” said Gary Wemmert, director of parts and service for Dorner Mfg. Corp.

Lohmann Animal Health is expanding its Winslow, Maine, headquarters, with a biological production center expected to be completed early next summer. This is part of a three-year $8.8-million expansion project. The 12,500-square-foot building will expand production capabilities for bacterial vaccines by at least five times current capacity. The new space also allows for some automation in the production process. Next to be completed in the expansion project is a larger, more efficient animal-testing facility that will be completed this fall. The final phase of the project will be a new R&D Center, which will provide laboratories, scientist offices, BL 2 level isolation and more space for challenge studies. “The multi-million dollar expansion will provide greater production capacity to permit meeting increased demands for Lohmann vaccines,” CEO Dave Zacek said. “It will improve traffic control, expand offices for production management, and add meeting and training rooms.”

The AOAC Research Institute has approved the use of BAX System E. coli O157:H7 MP enrichment media for Salmonella testing. Validated on ground beef, beef trim, spinach and lettuce, the BAX System performed as well as or better than traditional culture methods for detecting Salmonella, but with quicker time to result. The MP enrichment media was originally designed for use with the BAX System assay for detecting E. coli O157:H7 in ground beef and beef trim. Recently, AOAC RI extended certification of that assay to also include lettuce and spinach. This means that the identical MP enrichment protocol has been approved by AOAC RI for both Salmonella and E. coli O157:H7 testing of those foods. “Customers can now use the same 8-hour enrichment to test certain types of meat and fresh produce for two different pathogens,” said Linda Peng, research microbiologist — DuPont Qualicon. “This will not only save hands-on time, but the single medium will also reduce inventory and storage costs for food companies.”

Meat Industry Hall of Fame induction set for Oct. 27

One of the most prestigious locations in Chicago has been engaged for the first-ever Induction Ceremony for 21 new Members of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame. Located in the heart of Chicago’s downtown financial district, the Union League Club is renowned for its elegant decor, fine food and stately ballrooms that feature hand-stenciled ceiling beams, fanlight windows and crystal chandeliers.

“We are proud to be able to hold our inaugural Induction Ceremony at a facility that has been the site of so many important civic and business gatherings in Chicago for more than a century,” said Dan Murphy, the Hall’s executive director. “The Union League Club is the prefect setting to pay tribute to some of the industry’s most accomplished and legendary leaders.”

Acclaimed television host, network news anchor, author and business entrepreneur Bill Kurtis has accepted an invitation to be the keynote speaker. During his 40 years in broadcasting, Kurtis, who served as the CBS Morning News anchor and was a long-time newscaster at CBS Television affiliate WBBM in Chicago, became best-known as the producer and host of the popular Investigative Reports, Cold Case and American Justice programs on the A&E Network.

In his speech to the Members and guests at the Hall of Fame dinner, Kurtis will also discuss his role as an entrepreneur in launching Tallgrass Beef, a company that has built a network of family farmers and ranchers raising grass-fed cattle. In 2005, Tallgrass Beef became the first grass-fed beef company to market its product in Chicago when the legendary Harry Caray’s Restaurant began selling its steaks. Kurtis’s 10,000-acre Red Buffalo Ranch, which borders the small town of Sedan, Kan., is a working cattle ranch located in the one of last remaining areas of North America that still features untouched tallgrass prairie.

The Members of the Inaugural Class of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame include:

  • Dell Allen, Ph.D., former Professor of Animal Science at Kansas State University and Vice President of Technical Services & Food Safety with Cargill Meat Solutions
  • Donald L. Houston, former administrator, Food Safety and Inspection Service and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • Donald Tyson, former Senior Chairman, Tyson Foods
  • Frank Perdue, former Chairman of the Board, Perdue Farms
  • Gary C. Smith, Ph.D., Professor, Colorado State University
  • H. Russell Cross, Ph.D., Professor, Texas A&M University
  • Jimmy Dean, Founder, Jimmy Dean Sausage Co.
  • Kenneth W. Monfort, former Chairman and CEO, Monfort Inc.
  • Lawrence Starr, former Chairman & CEO, Koch Equipment LLC
  • Louis “Mick” Colvin, former Founder and Executive Director, Certified Angus Beef
  • Mel Coleman, Sr., former Founder, Coleman Natural Meats
  • Paul Engler, Founder, Cactus Feeders
  • Phillip M. Seng, President and CEO, U.S. Meat Export Federation
  • Ray Townsend, former Founder and Chairman, Townsend Engineering
  • Richard L. Knowlton, former Chairman, President and CEO, Hormel Foods
  • Richard Lyng, former USDA Secretary and President, American Meat Institute
  • Roger Mandigo, Ph.D., Professor of Meat Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Rosemary Mucklow, Executive Director Emeritus, National Meat Association
  • Robert Peterson, former Chairman, IBP Inc.
  • Temple Grandin, Ph.D., Professor, Colorado State University

For more information or to purchase tickets, log onto the Hall’s Web site at