In June of 2010, Blentech Corp. shipped several new custom-built steam-jacketed cookers to a Belgian food processor located close to Brussels. The equipment was the second shipment of such cookers to that processor, where the machines are used to cook wholesome meals distributed daily from a central kitchen to schools and other institutions around the region.

The operation is unique in the food processing equipment business because each machine is operated by a certified chef who prepares 1000 to 2000-pound batches of specialty foods off of a menu that changes daily. The cookers enable the chefs to interface fully with the machine using techniques otherwise not possible on industrial processing equipment such as sautéing, browning, and braising.

Blentech Corporation has over 24 years of experience designing and building custom food processing equipment. Blentech specializes in the batch and continuous processing of foods used in prepared and ready meals.