Ivo Cozzini, president/CEO of Cozzini Inc., has announced that the Food Equipment Division of Cozzini Inc. has been acquired by the Middleby Corp. and will be merged into the Middleby Food Processing Equipment Division.

Middleby owns a food processing equipment platform comprised of Alkar, Rapid-Pak and MP Equipment. Middleby maintains a firm policy of continued brand recognition of the companies it acquires together with a commitment towards continued growth in the industries it serves.

With the addition of the Cozzini Food Equipment Division, the combined strengths of the expanded Middleby Food Processing Equipment Division will create a single source for food processing equipment from design, engineering, manufacturing, integration and support of complete food process lines, cooking systems and packaging systems for the meat and food industries worldwide.

Ivo Cozzini said in a statement: “There comes a point in one’s career where one realizes that as an owner/operator it is very important to execute a succession plan to assure the ongoing well-being of one’s company. My decision in selecting the Middleby Corp. was based on numerous factors. The Middleby commitment towards acquiring high-quality companies and towards continued growth satisfied my concerns that the Cozzini brand will flourish and continue its successful growth and existence well into the future. In turn, it will secure the livelihood of the many loyal worldwide Cozzini employees that helped make Cozzini one of the most recognized high quality brands of meat processing equipment and technologies globally.

“Another very important factor in selecting Middleby was my concern for the uninterrupted and continued support of the many loyal Cozzini customers worldwide,” he added. “Our customers place a lot of trust in Cozzini to continually supply, service and support them properly. I certainly wanted to respect this trust and assure all Cozzini customers that they will continue to receive the support to which they are accustomed from Cozzini today. I have confidence in the way Middleby operates its businesses and in the commitment it has towards the industries it serves.”

Cozzini and his present management team will continue to be highly involved in the expanded Middleby Food Processing Equipment Division, not only while transitioning Cozzini into Middleby, but well into the future. Cozzini said he looks forward to his role in a senior management position and will be instrumental in Middleby’s continued global expansion and establishment of the best company of its kind worldwide.

The locations included in the acquisition are the Cozzini headquarters in Chicago, sales/service and manufacturing facilities in Algona, Iowa and Monterrey, Mexico and the sales/service facilities in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Viadana (MN), Italy and the sales organization in Krakow, Poland. The Cozzini PRIMEdge Division of Cozzini Inc. with headquarters in Chicago and facilities in France, Germany and Denmark is not included in the transaction and remains wholly owned by Ivo Cozzini.