Foodmate US Inc. is the distributor of Netherlands-based Foodmate B.V.’s poultry processing equipment in North America. Scott Hazenbroek will serve as president of Foodmate US. He has more than 15 years of experience in the processing equipment business, having worked for companies in both U.S. and Europe.

“Foodmate is fully committed to the North American poultry industry,” Hazenbroek said. “Foodmate has made strong inroads in Europe and Asia. Now we are looking to increase our business in the North America.”

Foodmate B.V. was established in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands in 2006 and the company’s market has quickly grown from predominately Eastern Europe to all of Europe, and into Asia.

“Foodmate’s mission is to innovate and automate and bring value added solutions to the industry,” Hazenbroek said. “Our experienced staff is dedicated to bringing the ‘customer first’ experience back to the poultry industry.”

Foodmate is a cut-up and deboning equipment manufacturing and service company whose products are available worldwide. Foodmate US offers an extensive product line of poultry processing equipment including, cut-up, deboning, portioning and weighing systems. Foodmate’s food processing line includes cooling and freezing systems, frying systems, as well as cookers, hot air ovens, batter and breading machines. In addition to manufacturing, the company provides parts and service to existing Cut Up and deboning equipment.

Foodmate US offices are located 40 miles north of Atlanta in Canton, Ga. at 135 P. Rickman Industrial Dr., Suite 200. The company’s headquarters house sales, engineering, service, warehouse and parts inventory. For more information, go to