Natural-flake Salt
Cargill Salt is the only manufacturer of the exclusive Alberger‚ brand of salt. Since 1886, the same technique has been used to produce pure, unaltered natural-flake salt crystals. Rapid solubility makes the salt a natural for topping products because it leaves no gritty aftertaste. Its white crystalline flakes improve the appearance of the finished product and deliver an unmatched burst of flavor you can count on every time. — Cargill Salt, ph: (888) 385-7258,
Say cheese
Designed for use in cass-eroles and as a topping, a creamy cheese sauce simplifies the creation of commercial and institutional dishes. Formulators need only add water to create a cheesy sauce that provides a delicious base for numerous foods. — Southeastern Mills Inc., ph: (706) 291-6528,
Get grilled
Off the Grill™ dry powders serve up the distinctive flavors we associate with specific grilling methods. Grillin’® 2055 provides a charcoal-grill taste, while Grillin’® 2056 offers the unique flavor achieved by gas grilling. A rich flame-broiled taste is possible through the use of Grillin’® 2057. — Red Arrow Products Co. LLC, ph: (920) 769-1100, ext. 1162,
Product-development support
Archer Daniels Midland’s (ADM) new Culinary Center, located in the company’s James R. Randall Research Center in Decatur, Ill., brings together the skills and experience of ADM’s research chefs, food application experts and sensory specialists. The Culinary Center is designed to help customers get to market faster and more effectively by providing them with new product ideas and insights related to the incorporation of functional food ingredients. — Archer Daniels Midland Co., (800) 637-5843,
Full of flavor
The Grill Flavors® line adds authentic grilled, charred, seared, and wood-roasted notes to processed meats, entrees, marinades and other foods — while contributing minimal carbohydrates and fat. The line, to be showcased at this year’s IFT show, includes liquid and dry versions of Mesquite, Lemon, and 13 other flavors. Enhanced Grill Flavors, including Grilled Steak and Onion, Cajun Grill, and eight other dry-form varieties, combine the Grill Flavor technology with unique flavorings to give applications an authentic-tasting flame-broiled background. In addition, Woodfired Grill Flavors such as Woodfired Raspberry Flavor allow processors to replicate the flavors of restaurant open-fire grilling over mesquite, hickory, cherry or apple woods, — Kraft Food Ingredients Corp., ph: (901) 381-6500,