Creators Briefs

Natural-flake salt
Cargill Salt is the only manufacturer of the exclusive Alberger brand of salt. Since 1886, the same technique has been used to produce pure, unaltered natural-flake salt crystals. Rapid solubility makes the salt a natural for topping products because it leaves no gritty aftertaste. Its white crystalline flakes improve the appearance of the finished product and deliver an unmatched burst of flavor you can count on every time. — Cargill Salt, ph: (888) 385-7258,
Step up safety
All-natural Flavex Plus™ botanical extract blends contain flavonoids with potent antioxidant levels. The products, which are 6-to-10 percent rosemarinic acid, feature flavor, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antirancidity characteristics. The 100-percent extract powders contain no oil- or sugar-based carriers that could dilute the flavonoids’ efficacy. For meat and poultry applications, the recommended usage level is 50 ppm to 100 ppm. — Flavex Technologies, a division of The Arnhem Group, ph: (908) 709-4045,
Cheesy sauces
Swiss, American, and Italian-style cheese sauces are the most recent additions to a line of restricted melt cheese products. Designed for versatility, the sauces can be used in frozen entreés and side dishes, appetizers, meat, poultry, seafood, enrobed sandwiches and other foods. The ingredients provide a consistent flavor profile and a saucy mouthfeel and also can assist in the development of reduced-carbohydrate applications. They can be used “as is” for fillings via extrusion or dispensing equipment at refrigerated temperatures or as foundations for finished soups and sauces. — Kraft Food Ingredients Corp., ph: (901) 260-4243,
Poultry with pizzazz
Coatings and seasonings add texture, flavor, and functionality to classic boneless poultry dishes such as chicken cordon bleu. Coatings can be flavored to specifications, allowing product customization. Company experts can help ensure product success by working with processors from initial product concept development through full production.  — Southeastern Mills Inc., ph: (706) 291-6528,
Extend freshness
The FreshCard™ oxygen absorber preserves the freshness and quality of packaged foods, extending product shelf life. It reduces and maintains the oxygen content within packaging to below 0.01 percent, significantly lower than traditional vacuum, back or gas flushing. Suitable for use with processed meats and many other packaged foods, the card also reduces or eliminates the need for food additives and preservatives.
— Multisorb Technologies Inc., (888) SORBENT,
A veal classic
Veal Chop Balsamico with Asparagus Risotta is a traditional item that conveys elegance on the menu. A savory balsamic glaze enhances flavor and makes this dish unforgettable. This recipe and other inspiring ideas are available at no charge. — The Cattlemen’s Beef Board/The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, ph: (800) 368-3138,
Fight Listeria
The bioprotective culture B-SF-43, sold under the Bactofern™ tradename, significantly inhibits the growth of L. monocyctogenes in ready-to-eat processed foods such as cooked meat products. A single-strain culture of the lactic acid bacteria Leucononstoc carnosum 4010, the product offers a natural, efficient alternative to chemical additives. It has been shown to stabilize or reduce the growth of several L. monocyctogenes strains in numerous vacuum- and modified-atmosphere packed meat products. It is sprayed onto meat products during the slicing or cutting procedure or directly into the packages before closure. — Chr. Hansen Inc., (800) 558-0802,