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SOLO® Low-Sodium Sea Salt hits U.S. market
The Low Sodium Sea Salt Company, based in England, has reached an exclusive agreement with Nexcel Natural Ingredients, based in Springfield, Ill., to distribute its SOLO® brand low-sodium sea salt to food manufacturers throughout the U.S. market.
SOLO is well-established in the U.K., where it is the preferred option to reduce the sodium content by up to 60 percent without sacrificing taste or functionality by that country’s leading food manufacturers.
SOLO is a sodium-reduced, magnesium-enriched sea salt containing sodium, potassium and magnesium in “near perfect proportions” according to U.K. health professionals. It contains 60 percent less sodium than ordinary salt, yet can be used to replace it on a 1:1 basis in virtually any recipe, without sacrificing taste or functionality.
Based on its link with high blood pressure, the American Medical Association (AMA) recently advocated food manufacturers to voluntarily reduce the sodium content of their foods by 50 percent and has asked the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to review food labeling rules related to sodium. Although the current FDA recommended daily allowance of sodium in the diet is currently established at 2,400 milligrams, the average American consumes about 4000 mg per day.