David Michael Announces Promotions

The Board of Directors of Philadelphia, PA-based David Michael & Co. announces the following promotions:
Denis Blais has been promoted to senior account manager. He is responsible for sales in the Eastern portion of Canada.
Jennifer Jacobs has been promoted to senior account manager. She is responsible for sales in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Kansas.
Family-owned and operated since 1896, David Michael & Co. has been a leader and an innovator in the food flavor industry for more than 100 years. David Michael offers a comprehensive line of stabilizers and flavors, which can be custom-designed to meet the needs of virtually any food product.
For more information, phone (215) 632-3100, fax (215) 637-3920, e-mail dmflavor@dmflavors.com, or  visit www.dmflavors.com
Polyphenolics, Madera, CA, a division of Constellation Wines U.S., has expanded the self-affirmed Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status of its MegaNatural® Gold Grape Seed Extract and MegaNatural® GSKE Grape Pomace Extract for use in a variety of foods, including gravies, sauces, and more.
Both products had first been determined GRAS for use in fruit juices and fruit-favored beverages, and then for use in cereals, food bars, yogurt and yogurt desserts. With this third expansion, they are also GRAS for use as antioxidants into a much wider range of food categories at concentrations up to 100 mg. Per serving, depending on the specific food category.
For more information, call (480) 883-6716 or visit www.poluphenolics.com

New book targets increasing business
Author Tim McMahon has compiled dozens of marketing lessons in The Little Green Marketing Book, which are told through real-life stories designed to help readers keep focused on the things that matter in growing their businesses.
Highlights of this book include:
• Five "Keep It Simple, Stupid" marketing rules to live by
• Three reasons your business should consider selling by phone
• Ten reasons new products fail
• Ten reason new products succeed
• Must-have guidelines for successful creating sponsorships
• Eleven things (six short-term; five long-term) to do when you find yourself caught off trend
• How to turn a million mile claim into a million dollars of publicity
• Why you have to have a plan; why you may have to adjust it; and how it will keep you ahead of the game.
• What every marketing student needs to know
• How to plan the best meeting you ever
What readers are saying
Here are several comments from readers of the book:
"No matter what your title or what field you are in this is must reading if you want to move ahead.  McMahon makes the complex marketing puzzle simple and provides easy to understand lessons that you can take to heart or share with your colleagues. This book should be read by all in your organization." — Robert L. Dilenschneider, founder and chief executive officer, The Dilenschneider Group Inc. Global communications consulting firm based in Manhattan
"You are going to treasure this little book. It’s like a pair of jumper cables with the power to quick-start your creative juices. It will stimulate idea-generation and be a conduit for innovative thinking."
— Bob Messenger, publisher and editor, The Morning Cup (www.foodtrends.com)
Published by Spring Rain Publishing in New York, NY, the book costs $12.95. To purchase this book or for more information, contact Tim McMahon at tim@getandkeep.biz