Unique Modular Plastic Belts for the Food Industry

Uni-chains has introduced the new Single LinkTM modular plastic belts to help food processors reduce maintenance costs and increase food safety.
Food processors have long turned to modular belts for their many benefits in maintenance and operation. Positive drive engagement, belt tracking from side to side, easy installation and removal, no need for belt length adjustment, long life, high strength, and rigidity are well-known benefits of modular plastic belts. However, many modular belts prove difficult to clean because of hinge joints, brick-lay gaps, and cumbersome pin locking systems.
uni-chains Single LinkTM belts improve cleanability and reduce cleaning costs without compromising any of the benefits of plastic modular belt. Gaps across the width found on traditional “brick-lay” patterns can harbor bacteria growth. These gaps are eliminated with uni Single LinkTM belts for full widths up to 24”. This is combined with an open hinge design that allows the hinge surfaces to be completely exposed for cleaning.
uni-chains Single LinkTM belts also offer the patented lockpin system for easy installation and maintenance. This is a single-piece locking device molded into the pin so there are no small parts that can become dislodged and contaminate the product. These lockpins can be removed from the side of the belt with no special tools required making daily removal for cleaning quick and easy.
Unique on the market
These special features help to make the uni MPB belt the most cleanable plastic modular belt on the market. On April 12, 2005, the patented uni MPB Closed Top Belt became the first and only modular plastic belt to be issued the USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate for meeting the NSF hygiene requirements standard in meat and poultry processing. This certification has been issued in compliance with NSF-3A-14159-003: Hygiene requirements for the design of mechanical belt conveyors used in meat and poultry processing.
Unlike some sprocket-driven flat belting that is designed to run on modular belt sprockets, uni-chains Single LinkTM belts do not sacrifice the side to side tracking that can only be achieved with the sprocket – hinge engagement. uni-chains also offers advantages with easy pin removal anywhere on the belt and no need for a tension system or take up of the belt. uni Single LinkTM belts can be supplied in material options for high temperature, load, wear resistance, or chemical resistance, and  are available with many different surface openings, textures, and colors. A full range of accessories including sideguards, bent or cupped product supports, and no-cling product supports means they can be easily adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.
With all the benefits of modular belting and uni-chains new improvements in cleanability, the company relays it is clear that uni Single LinkTM belts are the best choice for low-maintenance hygienic conveyors. NP
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