Chiappetti Announces Partnership
Chiappetti Lamb and Veal announces a strategic business partnership with The Infinity Group, operator of one of the nation’s largest intermodal rail facilities and provider of logistics, customer service, and equipment repair services to the intermodal community and beyond. Improvement of Chiappetti’s Chicago plant into a state-of-the-art facility is an expected result of the partnership, a move that enables the company to keep pace with the ever-increasing demand from retail and foodservice customers for high-quality, fresh, American lamb and veal products.
“This partnership will allow Chiappetti to focus on the innovative products, personal relationships, and customized marketing programs that have earned them an unmatched reputation and made them so successful for more than 60 years,” says Michael J. Taylor, chief executive officer, The Infinity Group. “Our passion for making a good operation even better matches their passion for delivering the highest-quality meats available.”
Nikken Foods releases flavor enhancer
St. Louis, MO-based Nikken Foods Co. announces its new Wheat-Free Non-GMO Natural Flavor Enhancer (7203). A blend of naturally fermented soy sauce, salt, and yeast extract spray-dried on a maltodextrin carrier, Nikken’s Natural Flavor Enhancer (7203) meets the requirements for use in gluten-free processed foods. It is light tan in color and completely soluble in water with a very mild taste, similar to a beef stock.
“With more than 2000 food products marketed as ‘gluten-free,’ we see a strong need for our new Natural Flavor Enhancer (7203),” said Herb Bench, Nikken Foods Co. general manager/North America. “It’s an extremely effective natural replacement for HVP or MSG particularly effective in soups, gravies and sauces.”