Heat-and-serve Mexican products from Juanita’s
Juanita’s Foods introduces its new full line of restaurant quality refrigerated Mexican entrees. The line includes two beef, two pork and two chicken entrees: Juanita’s Chile Colorado, Juanita’s Chile Verde, Juanita’s Chicken Chile Verde, Juanita’s Barbacoa, Juanita’s Carnitas and Juanita’s Chicken Veracruz.
The products are available in a 16-ounce, heat-and-serve size (approximately 3 servings) and can be prepared in the microwave in four minutes or boil-in-the-bag in eight minutes.
Perfect for burritos, tacos, tamales or served simply on a plate with rice and/or beans, Juanita’s refrigerated line of six authentic entrees brings authenticity and tradition to the table in less than five minutes, the company relays.
Coleman Natural Hampshire Pork™ to hit the shelves
Coleman Natural Foods rolls out Coleman Natural Hampshire Pork™, an entirely new and exclusive line of fresh natural pork, unsurpassed in taste, quality and consistency.  
The taste of Hampshire Pork is very distinctive. Its deep red color and well-balanced marbling far exceed industry quality averages, providing highly desirable firmness and retention of natural juices, with no added water. It delivers a higher yield and has a high pH level, which is associated with tenderness.  
Coleman will offer Hampshire Pork in loins, bone-in center cut and boneless center cut, tenderloin, baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, spareribs, shoulder and ground pork.
Coleman Natural Hampshire Pork will be available soon exclusively from Coleman Natural Foods at high quality supermarkets carrying the Coleman brand.  Due to the time and exacting standards for raising and producing Hampshire Pork, supply will be on a limited basis this quarter, increasing into 2007.