Antimicrobial Ingredients
Purac America Inc. introduces an addition to the Opti.Form line of protective products with Opti.Form Ultra. Innovative processing technology gives it the cleanest flavor in the market, to enable use without masking agents or additives. It can improve product yield while providing a clean flavored product. Opti.Form products can help achieve meat safety while eliminating the possibility of bitter off-flavors or odors.
Purac America Inc., phone (847) 634-6330, or visit
Picking Fingers
LINCO LC series colored picking fingers are specially designed to provide long-lasting performance in the picking room. Available in different hardness levels, from soft to very hard to suit a variety of picker types and positions, the fingers are colored to provide a clear visual indication of hardness, from yellow (soft) to dark brown (very hard). To indicate when usage takes the fingers past the normal standard, they are formulated to change color.
LINCO USA, phone (770) 844-8000, or visit
Pathogen Control
The PathX Salmonella control system from Zentox Corp. reduces Salmonella prevalence to less than 10 percent for poultry processors while saving up to 37 million gallons of water per year. The process treats birdwashes, brushwashers and final rinse cabinets with a pH-controlled chlorination regime that dramatically reduces pathogens. By treating the entire slaughter process from scalder through the chiller, the concentration-time values far exceed those of disinfectants used in single-point, online reprocessing applications.
Zentox Corp., phone (757) 369-9870, or visit
Matrix MicroScience’s Pathatrix® Pooling products are AOAC-RI approved for a variety of food pathogens and food types, including difficult sample matrices, and are currently being used by a number of large multi-national companies and government laboratories in North America and Europe. The Pathatrix system requires less than two minutes hands-on time per test and utilizes a proven technology, which can be adapted in any microbiology laboratory, with a minimum of retraining.
Matrix MicroScience Inc., phone (303) 277-9613, or visit
Sanitizing Equipment
Douglas Machines has added a new model to its line of automated washing and sanitizing equipment, the Douglas Model COP-96-Combo Wash Tank. The machine is designed to safety and efficiently clean fittings, machine parts, valves and tubes in a recirculating wash tank that provides continuous, turbulent, rolling jet action. Versatility and cleaning effectiveness are provided by employing side jets, end jets or a combination of both by opening or closing valves in the supply manifold.
Douglas Machines Corp., phone (800) 331-6870, or visit
Vector Packaging has added new coatings to the Enhance™ line of coated casings. SmokeKote® 2 has a darker surface color and subtle smoke flavor. SmokeKote 3 offers the darkest surface color and a robust smoke taste. SmokeKote Mesquite offers a mellow mesquite flavor and color. RoastKote™ provides a deep color and a “just-from-the-oven” roast flavor. Finally, RoastKote Turkey provides a savory roast turkey taste. All Enhance casings are impermeable, providing better looks, flavor and aroma.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit
The RS 273 Frontal Linker System from Risco automates high-speed production of sausages in collagen, cellulose or natural casings. It can produce top-quality cooked, dry or fresh sausages with perfect portion and weight control at up to 500 pieces per minute. The system begins with a Risco vacuum stuffer and automatic casing holding device. Linked sausages are automatically placed on a modular belt system and looped on a hanging chain for cooking or smoking.
Risco USA, phone (888) 474-7267, or visit
Petro-Canada has launched a new line called Purity FG with Microl. This industrial-strength food lubricant now contains Microl, the first and only antimicrobial preservative currently registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in food-grade lubrication. It is available as a grease, hydraulic or gear fluid and is the only food-grade lubricant that is fully compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and EPA regulatory requirements.
Petro-Canada Lubricants, phone (888) 284-4572, or visit
Building Materials
Controlling the indoor environment of agricultural buildings is critical for ensuring energy efficiency and decreasing operating costs. Dow Building Solutions has developed insulation products specifically designed to meet these challenges. Styrofoam™ Blueguard™, Thermax™ White Finish Insulation/Finish Board, Froth-Pak™ and Styrfoam™ Ag Board can help control the indoor environment of agricultural buildings, helping to protect livestock, reduce animal stress and cut down on crop spoilage, as well as minimize damage to the building itself.
Dow Chemical Co., phone (866) 583-2583, or visit
CSB-System recently introduced the latest version of its Computer Integrated manufacturing (CIM) module. With the new version of CSB-CIM, CSB offers a complete suite of applications that encompass the office applications of an ERP-Solutions as well as direct integration of all relevant shop-floor equipment, such as scales, scanners, counters, conveyors, label and identification and more. Due to real-time acquisition of data, the information is more reliable and more efficient.
CSB-System International Inc., phone (800) 852-9977, or visit 
Computerway’s Q Enterprise Watchdog system has been updated in the latest version - Q3 - with a focus on improving third-party inventory accuracy and traceability. Q3 provides cost-effective, enterprise-wide solutions for inventory management, order processing and product recall, providing a powerful tool in supply chain management. The new version features a status code manager, customer allocation manager, customer product manager, status & allocation code update manager, offsite inventory manager and other features.
Computerway Food Systems, phone (336) 841-7289, or visit
Remco Products offers metal-detectable tools in four colors: deep green, dark blue, brick red and smoke white. Included in the line are shovels, scoops, scrapers and mixing paddles. Produced with a specialized Food & Drug Administration-approved polypropylene resin that is easily detected by standard metal detection equipment, the tools ensure the quality and safety of products in controlled work environments.
Remco Products, phone (317) 876-9856, or visit
Grote’s new LSS-2 Linear Steak & Poultry Splitter is ideal for splitting fresh poultry, pork and beef. Incorporating Grote’s Accuband-blade cutting technology, the LSS-2 can cut whole muscle products lengthwise, effectively splitting them into two pieces. The LSS-2 can split product of virtually any length and up to 3 inches in nominal height. Both single- and dual-infeed conveyor systems are available, with cutting zones of up to 10 inches per lane.
J.E. Grote Co., phone (888) 534-7683, or visit
LINCO’s new Screw Feeding Multi-head Weigher reduces giveaway, increases weighing accuracy, cuts costs and increases efficiency. Through static weighing rather than in-motion weighing, the multi-head weigher provides more than 1,000 product combinations to meet a required weight, and it easily reduces giveaway to below one-half percent. It is fully automatic, with the exception of the final placement of chicken pieces in trays.
LINCO USA, phone (770) 844-8000, or visit
The new checkweigher systems from Gainco Inc. provide accurate high-speed, in-motion weighing of both bagged and boxed poultry and red meat products against a variety of pre-set “accept” or “reject” parameters. The equipment is specially designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use in virtually all processing environments, and the system can process up to 60 bags or boxes per minute, depending on unit size.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit
Metal Detector
Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the new Thermo Scientific APEX™ 100 metal detector, bringing the latest technology in metal detection to a broader range of cost-conscious quality assurance managers. The metal detector offers basic metal detection capabilities in an easy-to-use system, and it ensures that all types of metals, including the most common stainless steel, are detected in food products before they ship.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., phone (781) 622-1000, or visit
Mettler-Toledo Safeline introduces the most sensitive metal detector available, the PowerPhasePRO. It is available in two- and three-frequency models and detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants up to 40 percent smaller than any other metal detector. Its unique product clustering feature allows a range of products to be run through the machine without the need to change settings and while maintaining high-performance detection standards.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc., phone (800) 447-4439, or visit
Lock Inspection Systems offers the MET30+ 3F metal detector that operates at three crystal frequencies and is capable of automatically selecting the optimum frequency for a particular product. It is also able to inspect both poly-film and matellized packaged products with high accuracy. The detector has a built-in automatic product setup that eliminates time spent configuring it and ensures consistently high performance by memorizing settings for up to 100 products.
Lock Inspection Systems, phone (978) 343-3716, or visit
Urschel’s new Model M6 Dicer offers a sleek frame design without detracting from the workhorse strengths found in every Urschel cutter. A versatile two-dimensional cutter, the M6 dices, strip cuts or shreds through a wide range of sizes from product of a predetermined thickness. It is suited for cutting frozen-tempered, fresh-chilled or hot-cooked beef, pork or poultry.
Urschel Laboratories Inc., phone (219) 464-4811, or visit
Vemag’s Model 250 forming machine, available from Reiser, shapes products from meat and vegetable mixes that hold their shape. The forming machine is connected directly to a Vemag filler. A grinder in between ensures a final cut immediately before the product is shaped and isolated. A flattening belt gives the products the desired final height as they run on a conveyor belt. The isolated products are then passed on for further processing.
Reiser, phone (781) 821-1290, or visit
MP Equipment introduces the MP Product Aligner from Blackrow engineering for poultry further processing. This technology addresses the roadblocks of product handling to the demand for high-capacity home-style tender and strip lines. It straightens up to 70 percent of strips and tenders after the pre-dust drum breader and final drum breader. It can improve product quality, enhance yield, reduce labor on tender lines and has the ability to improve fryer oil quality.
MP Equipment Co., phone (770) 614-5355, or visit
(Thermal Transfer Printer GLP 80-160.pdf) The printers in Bizerba’s GLP range are suitable for producing a wide range of different labels, including price labeling with a fixed or variable price, value or weight, labeling for logistics, for product information and attractive decorative labels. The GLP printer can also be used for carton and pallet labeling, as well as a network printer via its standard interfaces and a standalone printer in conjunction with the GT 240 terminal or the GT-CT terminal.
Bizerba USA Inc., (732) 819-0121, or visit
Packaging Equipment
(Poultry.jpg) CFS’ new packaging system, the CFS ShrinkPak, is available. The company offers both thermoformers and films for the production of shrink packs, and the ShrinkPak saves costs, improves logistics and ensures better hygiene and wrinkle-free packs. It is suitable for poultry (full birds as well as cuts), fresh meat cuts and roasts, cooked hams and processed meat consumer packs. The thermoformers are hygienic and quick to load.
CFS North America, phone (800) 388-2601, or visit
(8800E.JPG) The Cryovac® 8800E rotary chamber vacuum packaging machine from Sealed Air is a fully automatic all-in-one bag loading, vacuumizing and sealing machine. Requiring minimal product handling, the 8800E operates at speeds of up to 15 cycles per minute and contains a PLC control with a diagnostic system to increase uptime, in addition to an automatic central lubrication system that prevents premature wear. The system is ideal for vacuum packaging further-processed poultry products.
Sealed Air, phone (800) 845-3456, or visit
(scanANDY CLEANUP.jpg) Designed to fulfill all general grading and batching needs, the Marel ProLine Graders are a versatile suite of standardized, modular options. They come with full grading and batching capabilities, including intelligent batching. The graders are equipped with the user-friendly M3000 graphical interface, available in several languages. The main structure of the machine is non-tubular, with as few horizontal surfaces as possible.
Marel Food Systems, phone (913) 888-9110, or visit
(Zip%20PakSliderforPreMadePouches1.jpg) Zip-Pak offers a wide range of products featuring resealable packaging in markets that include food, meat, cheese and confectionary. The company offers a comprehensive range of slider and press-to-close systems, enabling resealable technology to be offered on virtually any package style, from pre-made wicketed bags and stand-up pouches to thermoform fill/seal packages.
Zip-Pak, phone (815) 468-6500, or visit
(06143 Roll_In  News Release Photo.jpg) The new Roll-In™ Level Loader from Southworth is a manual palletizer that makes loading and unloading full pallets easier than ever. With cutouts in its low-profile platform, the Roll-In allows the forks of a hand pallet truck to literally roll into the platform, level with the top. This design accommodates and open-bottom pallet or skid and ensures that the load is evenly placed when the pallet truck is lowered and rolled away.
Southworth Products Corp., phone (207) 878-0700, or visit
Temperature Controller
(E5CN new display PR.jpg) Omron has updated the E5CN 1/16 DIN size temperature controller with faster response to process upsets, more informative display of temperature status using a three-color-change, 11-segment LCD Display, password-protected settings to prevent tampering and built-in PC communications port. The E5CN is ideal for sealing bar control in wrapping and pouching machines and use in freezers, fryers and baking equipment in food-processing operations.
Omron Electronics LLC, phone (866) 886-6766, or visit
(500051_b-sm.jpg) Intralox has released the Series 850 SeamFree™ Minimum Hinge Flat Top as the newest addition to its EZ Clean family of components. The belt is drive bar driven, preventing debris from being pressed into the hinge area. The ‘minimum hinge’ feature assists in overall cleaning efforts, providing greater rod exposure with 66 percent fewer hinges than other belts. During cleaning, a flume design on the belt underside rapidly channels debris away from the belt edge.
Intralox LLC, phone (800) 535-8848, or visit