Label-Aire’s venerable 3138-N Dual Action Tamp printer applicator has the company’s New Generation technology. Advanced features include automatic setup with multiple programmable label pages for change-overs to labels of different sizes, rate compensation for label placement accuracy, and user-configurable I/O connectivity. A variety of stroke lengths are also offered. Its stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction is corrosion resistant. The 3138-N DAT is compatible with any O.E.M. printer on the market.
Label-Aire, Inc.,
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Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Inc. introduces the enhanced Cornerstone® series of checkweighers, which features Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed’s new X-series controllers. Featuring a new color touch screen control panel, a new embedded industrial PC and extended real-time controller, Hi-Speed’s new X-series controllers have adopted OMAC standards to ease machine integration. The systems can be connected to plant-wide networks using Ethernet, PLC or serial connectivity.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline, Inc.,
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. has introduced the VersaWeigh 300 Checkweigher. Features include standard Microsoft® Windows® XPe operating system with color display, touch screen operation and configurable operator access level. It has standard IP-65 protection, with an optional IP-66 upgrade, and an open design allows for routine cleaning designed to be accomplished in less than five minutes and can be repaired within 30 minutes for most issues. It’s made of sealed, brushless DC motors and a stainless steel frame. The enclosure and conveyor beds target a minimum 10,000 hours of operation between significant maintenance events
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Grading Software
The CSB-Image-Meater from CSB-System is an IT solution to determine the grade and the market value of hogs automatically. The system is based on a non-contact fully automated image analysis in motion. The technology of the CSB-Image Meater consists of a software program, which captures the images of the side of the hog, identifies muscle and bone structures and evaluates the results. This enables accurate and reproducible results in an absolute hygienic way, with no wear and tear of the device.
CSB-System International,
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Vacuum System
The Whizard® TrimVac tool from Bettcher marries proprietary Whizard® Trimmer technology with a vacuum system to provide efficient removal of spinal cord and sheath. The tool contains a circular blade that cuts and dislodges the spinal cord while powerful vacuum pressure is operating. The trimmed product is vacuum-conveyed to a separate holding tank for proper disposal. The risk of cross-contamination is reduced, plus work area hygiene and cleanliness are enhanced. The TrimVac helps to control labor costs associated with spinal canal cleaning, while making it easier for plants to meet regulatory requirements.
Bettcher Industries,
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Smart Label
Food Quality Sensor International Inc.’s new product, SensorQ™, is a smart label applied by the meat packer to the inside of meat and poultry packages to provide the consumer with a clear indication of the product’s freshness. As the product spoils, the bacterial count increases and the label changes color. SensorQ measures bacterial levels directly and is unaffected by Modified Atmosphere Packaging gases.
Food Quality Sensor International Inc.,
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Transportation Manager
CSB-System has recently introduced two new modules for managing transportation. Companies using external carriers can setup detailed freight charge tables, which allow calculation of estimated freight as soon as the route planning is completed. Once the actual freight invoice arrives, companies can reconcile and post the actual carrier costs to financial accounting. Sales analysis allow reporting based on actual or expected transportation costs and the variation between them, to get more accurate profitability information.
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Protective Clothing
Carroll Manufacturing and Sales has introduced the disposable Flavorseal® Frock to help ensure a clean environment in foodservice or food processing environments. The one-piece Flavorseal Frock is a disposable barrier-control garment with apron and sleeves attached. The USDA-accepted frock is allowed within facilities for direct food contact. The one-piece Flavorseal Frock is made of embossed, 3-mil polyethylene that repels liquids and offers warmth with light weight. The one-size-fits-all frock is available in four colors: white, yellow, light blue, and dark blue.
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Flavex BioProtection Coatings use a gel matrix to reduce moisture exudates by 3 to 4 percent of gross weight in carcass meat, roast, ground beef, beef tenderloins, pork loin, salmon filets and chicken breast in comparison to control samples. Purge reduction also resulted when the coating was applied to pork bellies, fresh pork livers, sausages and smoked poultry pieces. The coating matrix extends shelf-life by providing a barrier to water and oxygen, reducing purge, microbial loads, color deterioration and rancidity.
Flavex Technologies,
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Metal Detector
The 3f/hf from Lock Inspection Systems features an built-in Automatic Frequency Selection facility, which chooses the optimum frequency, whatever the product or packaging. The MET 30+ 3f’s operates at three crystal frequencies – low, medium and high. The detectors automatic product set-up facility eliminates the time required configuring the detector. It is available with a touchscreen keypad incorporating Lock’s proprietary ADC software.
Lock Inspection Systems Ltd.,
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Remco Products offers a new one-piece ergonomic shovel (6984). Made from polypropylene, this shovel allows the user to grasp it at several points. There is the extra wide D-grip allowing for a two-handed grip for push applications and a secondary blade grip to either help lift heavy loads or be used as a molded in foot pad for greater scooping action. Chemical resistant and non-sparking, it’s available in five colors.
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Bin Washer
Douglas Machines Corp. has developed a new vat and bin washer that has the flexibility to wash and sanitize either one bin or two vats at a time using a removable adaptor attached to the door. The Douglas Model DVBW-1000-C saves water, chemicals and labor while reducing the incidence of injury normally associated with trying to hand wash these types of heavy containers.
Douglas Machines Corp.,
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Infrabaker International launches the Infrabaker® in the USA by showing a full-size system at the upcoming AMI in October. The Infrabaker is a modular continuous cooking oven that uses electrical infrared emitters as a heat source. The Infrabaker can both cook and/or color a wide range of products, such as bacon, chicken, patties, cheese, salmon, dough, pizza, cake, vegetables and many more. Typical end-product benefits are natural taste and colorings. The process does not require a transfer medium.
Infrabaker International,
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Head Processor
The American Legacy™ Pork Head Processor is designed to separate the jaw bone and snout from the head in a safe and efficient manner. As the head moves forward the prepared snout passes over a set of rollers designed to capture the snout. The American Legacy Pork Head Processor is hydraulically driven and uses a cam system to operate the mechanical functions of the machine.
MBA Suppliers, Inc.,
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Covering System
Arpac’s new COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch, stretch hood pallet covering system provides versatility in storing palletized products, while minimizing risk of environmental damage from dust and water. This end-of-line packaging system provides five-sided pallet coverage without the need for a top sheet, making it ideal for products destined for indoor and outdoor storage in cost clubs, home centers, construction sites and freight centers.
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