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Bonus Feature
- Food Safety Q&A
With food safety once again catapulting into the headlines, The National Provisioner asks Carol Tucker Foreman of the Consumer Federation of America for her opinions on the meat industry's efforts in food-safety initiatives.

2008 Source Book
- Calendar
Our comprehensive listing of industry events in the upcoming 12-month period offers the locations and contact information for those interested in attending.
- Associations
Major trade groups and associations serving the meat, poultry and prepared-foods industries are listed here, complete with names, locations and available contact information.

Research & Development: Batters & Breadings
- Function vs. Flavor

Modern Hygiene: Deli Processing
- A Clean Cut
Deli-meat processing has some unique challenges in guaranteeing food safety.

Food Safety: Metal Detection/X-ray
- Catching the Pieces

The National Provisioner 2008 Tech Journal Series
- Ground Beef Technology 101- Part One*
Food recalls due to E. coli O157:H7 have put the grinding industry on the defensive yet again. Thanks to a technological breakthrough and other initiatives, beef may regain its footing.

Co-Packing Strategies
- Determining Roi on Co-Packed Products

Farm to Plate: RFID tracking
- What's the Frequency?
Livestock tagged with RFID technology enhance management, health and quality.

Packaging Technology: Industry Mainstay
- Industry Mainstay
Product appeal and low-cost functionality continue to make overwrap packaging a popular option amongst meat and poultry processors.

2008 Source Book
- Product Guide
- Suppliers Guide

The Final Word
- For Consumers, Perception Is Reality

Editor's Journal
- Concerning Food Safety, Failure Is Not an Option

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