The American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) recognized 129 plants with Environmental Recognition awards during a reception at its annual Conference on Worker Safety, Human Resources and the Environment, held March 9-10 in Kansas City.

“I commend you for the work you do and I cannot stress enough its significance to our companies, our employees and our communities,” said American Meat Institute Chairman Dennis Vignieri, president and CEO of Kenosha Beef International, who presented the awards.

The Environmental Recognition Award Program is a four-tier, voluntary environmental management system toolbox, coupled with an awards program that ranges from simple to complex. The program begins in Tier 1 with a basic package of environmental policy statements and environmental policy compliance criteria, advances through more comprehensive requirements in Tier 2, incorporates a complete Environmental Management System (EMS) model developed in cooperation with the EPA as Tier 3, and culminates with an ISO 14001 EMS, a performance track or state EMS notification as Tier 4.

This year, 10 plants were recognized for completing Tier 1; 12 for Tier 2; 65 for Tier 3 and 42 for Tier 4. For a complete list of this year’s Environmental Recognition award recipients, go to

Source: AMI