Superior Farms is adding three new value-added products to its already popular Mediterranean Grill line – just in time for summer grilling season. The new items include:
  • Fully cooked gyro meat slices
  • Ready-to-cook Italian-style lamb and pork sausages
  • Lamb and beef tips in a specially-formulated Mediterranean-style marinade.

Original items that are being brought back are:

  • Lamb and beef burgers
  • Lamb and beef kabobs
  • Lamb leg steaks
  • Grill-ready lamb leg

“We’re showing the consumer that lamb is easy and affordable to cook on the grill,” said Gary Pfeiffer, vice president of sales and marketing for Superior Farms. “With our Mediterranean Grill line of products, we take out the guess work and add fun and flavor to these meals.”

New research from the American Lamb Board shows that more than 40% of those surveyed had never tried lamb at home or at a restaurant. Meanwhile, it remains a staple protein in other countries around the globe.

“Mediterranean cuisine is certainly a natural fit for us,” said Pfeiffer. “There are so many possibilities for lamb – from curry and shawarma to a good old fashioned Sunday roast. And when you can substitute in lamb for everyday favorites like burgers and kabobs, it becomes even easier to add great new flavors to your menu.”

Source: Superior Farms