Midamar received the "Distinguished Community Service Award" from the USDA's Center for Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The awards were presented at the USDA annual Iftar dinner, in the USDA building, Washington, D.C. and the event was attended by USDA employees, senior officials, as well as business and community leaders. Midamar was the first company in America to receive the USDA award "for exemplary work in providing Halal food options for Muslims in America and around the world."

Established in 1974, Midamar was the first food company in the U.S. to coordinate with USDA in the development of Halal standards and processes in USDA inspected and approved processing facilities. Since then, Midamar has become a globally recognized Halal Brand and leading exporter of USA produced Halal foods.

“From the outset, our mission was to provide premium quality, Midwestern meat and poultry to Halal consumers in the USA and around the world, and to do this while maintaining the strictest Halal compliance standards.” said Midamar Director, Jalel Aossey.

As both domestic and international demand for Halal products rises, so does the variety of Midamar product offerings. Today, Midamar supplies Halal products to households, restaurants, franchises, hotels, airlines, schools, prisons, colleges, government agencies and supermarkets in the USA and around the world. Midamar’s diverse line of Halal products serves the tastes and preferences of American and International consumers.

“While maintaining Halal integrity and producing products consumers desire is of key importance to Midamar, we have made an effort over the years to always remember the needy and less fortunate. With the blessings bestowed upon our business over the years, Midamar is committed to community service and support of charitable organizations the world over and to people of all faiths,” added Aossey.

In the USA, Midamar supports shelters, food banks, the USDA summer lunch program, Mosques and Islamic Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Boy Scouts of America, community outreach programs, schools, internship programs, colleges and universities. Internationally, Midamar participates in food donation efforts to countries experiencing droughts, wars and natural disasters.

Midamar owners and employees were honored and thrilled to receive the award. “We greatly appreciate being the first company in the USA to receive this award. It is truly a great honor to receive an award of this nature from the USDA. We are committed to producing excellent product, exporting US agricultural products world-wide, maintaining high Halal standards, and extending ourselves to support our communities,” explained Aossey.

Source: Midamar Corp.