The International Poultry Expo has long been the poultry industry’s source for solutions to current industry challenges, as well as a glimpse of the future technology. The 2012 edition of the show, scheduled for January 24-26 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, will bring together poultry and egg industry leaders from around the world. This year’s event will not only provide a look at the latest in technology and services, it will examine the future of the American poultry and egg industries.

The show is the world’s largest display of technology, equipment, supplies and services used in the production and processing of poultry and eggs and for those involved in feed manufacturing. All segments of the industry are represented: feed milling, hatchery, live production, processing, further processing, marketing and all support activities. The 2011 IPE brought had more than 20,000 attendees and more than 900 exhibitors.

The event is organized by the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association. Funds earned at the International Poultry Expo are funneled directly back into the industry in the form of research grants, educational programs, communications and technical assistance.

The educational program has always been a key aspect of the IPE, and this year’s program will feature a conference titled, “Charting the Course: An Executive Conference on the Future of the American Poultry Industry.” The conference will be moderated by Mike Donohue, vice president of Agri Stats Inc., and will examine current economic conditions, global competitiveness, and provide a vision of the American poultry industry in the coming years. The conference is free of charge to all expo attendees.

“Perhaps in no other time in the history of poultry processing and production have the challenges been greater for our industries,” commented USPOULTRY chairman, Gary Cooper, Cooper Farms, Oakwood, Ohio. “Our industry currently faces high input costs, social concerns, government regulations, and international competition, while trying to keep abreast of the increasing global demand for food. The Charting the Course poultry conference was added to the 2012 IPE/IFE educational programs to help provide industry leaders with a view to the current and upcoming challenges and opportunities facing our industry,” Cooper said.

A similar conference will take a look at the future of the American egg industry. The program is co-sponsored by USPOULTRY and the United Egg Producers.

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The following pages contain previews of some of the machinery and technology that will be displayed by several IPE exhibitors.