SuKarne, the leading company in the Mexican market for meat, began construction of its latest facilities in Tlahualilo, Durango, launching the first phase of "Ganadera Integral La Laguna" and created a new model of alliance with regional producers.

The total investment of $110 million dollars in this integrated beef production & processing project, comprises part of SuKarne's growth plans in various parts of the country and is to be carried out in two phases. It will include the construction of a meat processing plant, followed by a feedlot for 70,000 head of cattle, which will double the capacity built by regional producers, who will be working in alliance with SuKarne. The project will result in the creation of 1,200 jobs and approximately 6,000 indirect jobs, in addition to the 680 jobs necessary for the construction.

In the first phase, an investment of $40 million dollars will be made, creating the largest and most advanced meat processing plant in Mexico, and one of the most efficient and modern facilities in the world. It will serve as a model internationally because of its cutting edge technology for environmental protection and adherence to the strictest International sanitary standards.

"In recent years, we have worked with many local suppliers, and today we're launching with them a new model of alliance, built on each other's strengths. This model will give rise to Mexico's largest complex for beef production and processing, where all participants will jointly invest more than $300 million dollars", commented Jesus Vizcarra Calderon, president of the Business Group.

"We are convinced that the agricultural sector can become an even more important driver of the national economy, as it is here in La Laguna. With this project we are taking a step towards bringing together cattlemen, agricultural suppliers, government and SuKarne in this effort, so that together we can transform this region into the Animal Protein Capital of our country," says Vizcarra Calderon.

Jorge Herrera Caldera, Constitutional Governor of the State of Durango, had this to say: "I'm delighted that a company like SuKarne is investing in Durango. We are talking about a historic investment, with a sustainable project that since its construction will be generating positive effects for the region." Or as Herrera Caldera put it, "This project will be a milestone and an unparalleled opportunity for growth."

SuKarne is a leading company in the production of beef and the commercialization of beef, pork and chicken. Founded more than 40 years ago by Jesus Vizcarra's family, today it has operations throughout the Country of Mexico. The quality of its products and processing capabilities has led it to export to Japan, the United States, Russia and Hong Kong, among other countries on four continents.

Source: SuKarne