With over 35 years combined experience, Former Associates specializes in new, repair, rebuilding, servicing, and upgrading of food forming equipment. Highly qualified service technicians, experienced in FA-2600, F-26, and YA-26 Patty Forming Machines, work with the finest quality replacement parts to ensure machines operate at peak performance. The company not only repairs, rebuilds, and services forming equipment, they also sell parts and upgraded equipment.

Former Associates has a fully staffed engineering department that designs and produces:  

  • Tooling
  • Cast Iron, Corrosion Free, and Plastic mold plates
  • KO cup and bar assemblies

All of these are designed for the FA-2600, F-26, YA-26, F-400, F-19, F-12, and F-6 machines. The company can generally ship these parts within one week or less.  For more common replacement wear parts, an extensive inventory is maintained that usually means same day shipment on orders. Couple all of this with exceptional customer service and competitive pricing (up to 20% savings) on parts, tooling, and service. Former Associates, LLC is the name to contact for all of your new and rebuilt food forming equipment.

For more information, contact: Former Associates LLC, 8915 58th Place, Kenosha WI 53144; (262) 925-1828 voice; (262) 764-2617 fax; www.formerassoc.net.