tallow tubsFor the first time ever, consumers and foodservice operators will be able to purchase Snake River Farms’ 100 percent pure beef tallow, also called “Kobe-Shi” (Japanese for tallow). Snake River Farms’ tallow is a rendered form of American Wagyu beef fat that can be used in a variety of applications, and when stored properly needs no refrigeration. Similar to lard, old-fashioned tallow is making a comeback in the United States due to the concern over LDLs or “bad” cholesterol inherent in trans fat, and the versatility of product uses. Snake River Farms’ tallow is non-bleached, and not deodorized or hydrogenated; it has 28.5 percent less saturated fat and 16.7 percent less cholesterol than butter, and zero trans fat; and it comes in 4 lb. tubs.www.snakeriverfarms.com