Nu-Tek Food Science announced that it has signed an agreement with Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients to distribute Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride to food manufacturers in Brazil. According to the Brazilian Food Industry Association, Brazilians consume approximately 12g of sodium per day, more than twice the amount recommended by the World Health Organization. 

Nu-Tek Food Science’s patented, single-crystal technology produces Nu-Tek Salt Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride – a cost-effective, sodium-reduction solution that delivers consistent results manufacturers demand. This revolutionary technology significantly minimizes the bitter flavor traditionally associated with potassium chloride without needing to add expensive flavors or maskers – and delivers salt intensity similar to sodium chloride.

“Our partnership with Tovani Banzaquen Ingredients provides a great opportunity to bring our technology to food manufacturers in South America,” said Tom Manuel, chief executive officer of Nu-Tek Food Science. “Tovani brings added value ingredients to their customers, introducing new concepts and generating innovative products in the market. They have been recognized as the supplier of choice in functional ingredients and can fully support our customers with their strong knowledge and technical support.”

“We consider our association with Nu-Tek Food Science to be very strategic. The Brazilian government has an agreement with the Brazilian Food Industry Association that defines sodium reduction targets in foods like margarines, sauces, instant pastas, biscuits, snacks and many others. Nu-Tek provides a sodium-reduction product with a differentiated, patented technology that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations in terms of flavour and functionality,” added Moses Benzaquen, president, Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients.