Anritsu poultry bone detectionToday’s processors confront the on-going challenge of quality issues caused by bone particles and foreign matter in their products. Noted as the market’s proven performer, Anritsu’s X-ray detection systems, DualX X-Ray and Pipe-Type X-Ray Inspection Systems, are the solutions to this challenge.

Innovative HD and DualX technology installed in all of their machines has allowed Anritsu to become a leader in bone detection technology. Advanced poultry bone detection technology from Anritsu can detect smaller poultry bones, including lower density fan bones. The ease of product set-up, system maintenance and overall system operation make Anritsu’s X-ray detection systems the most accurate systems for any facility. Anritsu offers two different detection solutions depending on your process.

The extremely accurate, high speed DualX X-Ray Inspection System utilizes two X-ray energy signals to simultaneously distinguish between the product and the contaminants. The dual energy signal technology provides an increased sensitivity to poultry bone fragments and allows for bone free poultry processing. The DualX detects calcified bone fragments as small as 2.0mm, and glass, stone, rubber and metal can be detected as small as 0.7mm. This piece of equipment is ideally suited for the stringent quality control requirements of leading poultry plants with its easy set-up, operation, maintenance and cleaning.

The Pipe-Type X-Ray Inspection System heightens contaminant detection in pumpable products like fluids and semi-solid products flowing in a pipe like poultry trim and first-grind meat. This system is the most effective design for detecting bone, glass, stone, rubber and other material as small as 2.0mm in size and stainless steel particles as small as 0.5mm in size. The Pipe-Type X-Ray is capable of processing over 16,000 lbs of product per hour. With the ability to handle up to 100 separate recipes, it is also highly versatile and flexible for tracking different suppliers performance.

“Anritsu has continued to invest the resources to develop the best detection technologies in the industry. A prime example is providing poultry processors with a higher degree of accuracy in detecting bones,” states Erik Brainard, President of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA. “We are the only supplier to offer both DualX and pipeline technologies.”

For nearly a half century, Anritsu has been designing and manufacturing inspection equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial packaging and processing applications. Formed in Japan, Anritsu has expanded its tradition of innovation and reliability to the United States over the last decade. Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, IL and can be found at